The Civil War on Drugs (2011)

The Civil War on Drugs (2011)
  • 537
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2011 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: The Civil War on Drugs
  • Voted: 537

Trevor (a young high society gentleman) and Sam (a poor homeless boy) good friends since childhood get introduced to weed and after finding themselves loving it, to their concerned they get the idea that the government is making it illegal, so they embark on an epic journey where they get entangled on the Civil War having as their goal to try to talk to president Lincoln and make him understand that weed must be legal. Meeting friends and enemies and getting in a lot of trouble and adventures through the way.

1Sam BrownSam Brown,Various
2Zach CreggerAbraham Lincoln,Ulysses Grant,Various
3Trevor MooreTrevor Moore,Various
4Darren TrumeterDoug,Robert E. Lee,Various
  • u gotta luv it by 9

    WKUK of IFC fame! need more be stated?

    no, not at all. fun absurd humor set in American civil war being observed by a couple of stoners. the movie is just over an hour long and that is perfect for this nutty movie - get a proper dose of silly nonsense and then it's over. PERFECT !

    if you like silly over the top humor this is your movie! catch it - watch it - laff at it - laff with it.

    there just isn't much to say about this kind of movie because it is so silly and plot so frail you will either luv it or hate it!

    me - i loved it. i have watched it twice!

  • If You Like Comedy by 9

    No Spoiler Here...As a longtime fan im glad to see this released.Great comedy group

1Ron Egozicinematographer
2Michael Simmondscinematographer
3Guy Erezcomposer
4Paul Frankeditor
5Marla Ratnerproducer
6Timmy Williamswriter