The Crescent (2017)

The Crescent (2017)
  • 351
  • Genre: Horror
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 99 min
  • Original Title: The Crescent
  • Voted: 351

After an unexpected death in the family, a mother and son struggle to find spiritual healing at a beachfront summer home.

1Danika VandersteenBeth
2Woodrow GravesLowen
3Terrance MurrayJoseph
4Britt LoderSam
  • Sloooooooow by 3

    I wasn't expecting too much and that is exactly what I got. Very slow, dull, and virtually no real scares or excitement. There are a few good shots and some decent acting but the story really drags it down and is really something better suited for a short story at best. Very artsy yet it lacks real nuance. Your time would be much better spent watching something else.

  • Don't waste your time by 3

    Very, very slow. It doesn't fit together well to make a whole story.

  • Incredibly interesting but VERY slow by 6

    Personally, I thought the actors were spot on. The child was amazing (I always cringe when a small child is in a film). I have no idea how they got the child to act. It's VERY slow, but, it did keep me interested. I would consider this more of an Art House film. I gave it a 6. Would have given this a higher rating, the slowness brought it down.

  • Scary with a Twist by 10

    I recently watched The Crescent at the Vancouver Film Festival and I loved it.

    The Crescent is visually stunning and tells a story that can scare someone of any age.

    I don't want to give anything away but all of the little things make sense at the end and it is truly a glorious experience.

    Well done!

  • One of the worst pieces of garbage I've seen all year by 2

    This movie is a shining example of someone who had a very specific vision for their film, so they just did whatever they wanted and it didn't end up coming together in any meaningful way. In an attempt to be deep and symbolic the movie is instead pretentious and a waste of time. The story is nonsensical and confusing until a character just explains it at the end. It's manages to be obtuse and hard to follow without actually being intriguing or leaving much up to interpretation.It's shot like absolute garbage, mostly using a lot of ugly close ups and handheld shots that have no sense of framing for the scene. Occasionally the movie has weird interludes where the aspect ratio changes to basically portrait view for seemingly no reason. There are some interesting visuals involving paintings made by the main character, but they don't end up having any real significance other than looking cool.Every performance is laughably bad; the lead especially seems incredibly bored every time that the scene is supposed to be suspenseful or scary.Probably most damning, it just isn't scary in any way. Nothing that happens to the main character and her son is really that threatening or disturbing in any way. There are a litany of cliches and played out set ups that never go anywhere. For a movie that's paced like a slug on wet concrete it doesn't create any sense of suspense whatsoever.In total, it's stupid, it's boring, it's ugly, it's poorly acted, and it has nothing to offer on a story level. Skip it.

1Craig Buckleycinematographer
2Seth A. Smithdirector
3Nancy Urichproducer
4Paul Hammondproduction_designer
5Darcy Spidlewriter