The Devil and Max Devlin (1981)

The Devil and Max Devlin (1981)
  • 1161
  • PG
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1981 ()
  • Running time: 96 min
  • Original Title: The Devil and Max Devlin
  • Voted: 1161

When Max dies in an accident, he goes straight to hell. But the devil Barney makes him an offer: if he manages to get three innocent youths to sell him their souls in the next two months, he may stay on earth. Max accepts, and returns to earth, equipped with special powers. However his task is harder than expected, especially when 7 years old Tobi demands that he marry his mother.

1Elliott GouldMax Devlin
2Bill CosbyBarney Satin
3Susan AnspachPenny Hart
4Adam RichToby Hart
  • by 7/10

    I remember seeing this movie as a kid and loving it. Recently, I watchedagain as an adult and found it to still be a sweet, charming little movie.The basic plot has Elliot Gould's character signing a pact with the Devil(Bill Cosby)to recruit three good souls and thus saving his own frometernaldamnation. Gould gets three young people including an aspiring youngsinger(Julie Budd)and a fatherless young boy (Adam Rich), to sign a contract withthe devil in exchange for making their dreams come true while on Earth. Itall works out happily as all Disney films do, but there are several laughs,touching moments, and lesson learned along the way. I was really intriguedby Julie Budd after this film who more than resembled a young BarbraStreisand in both looks and talent. Loved the song that she sang in thefilm "Any Fool Can See." I wonder what happened to her after this film.Seems she never worked again.

  • by 4/10

    After a promising opening ten minutes, highlighted by some good gags, thismovie quickly slips into dreariness and never recovers. It's not thatthere's anything particularly wrong with this film, it's just that there'snothing particularly good about it either and it wastes a potentiallyinteresting leading duo.

    The best thing that can be said about it is that it's inoffensive and easyto take but it's also totally forgettable and one of the more uninventivefilms you're likely to come across.

  • by 5/10

    With the past several years and all the bad publicity that has come outabout Bill Cosby the fact that he could be cast as an emissary of Satanhimself seems less ironic these days. The other half of the title ofThe Devil And Max Devlin is played by Elliott Gould who is destined forthe lower depths after falling into a manhole unless he agrees to getthree innocents to pledge their souls.

    Where to find innocent souls in 1981 is the question, but in his newguise as a manager/promoter he finds promising singer Julie Budd, a BMXracer David Knell and a little kid Adam Rich with a real pretty mom inSusan Anspach.

    I have to tell you that I was a bit uneasy in the scenes involvingGould and Rich. It was like he was stalking as a pedophile would. HowDisney Studios were comfortable with that God only knows.

    The Devil And Max Devlin has some interesting moments, a few laughs butnot quite the hit it could have been. I would have not used the wholebusiness with Adam Rich if I were producing the film

  • by 6/10

    This is a film I watched as a kid and I viewed several times. It's cuteand it was a popular comedy movie back in the day. The movie has a fewmoments of being hilarious for an old Disney film.

    The movie is OK - I don't think it's the type of movie a person wouldwant to watch several times but it is, however, a movie that is goodthe first time you view it so I do recommend it for those that want asilly comedy without a bunch of questionable language in it.

    If you liked the "Oh God" movies with George Burns then you will mostlikely enjoy "The Devil and Max Devlin".


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    Elliott Gould dies in an accident and goes straight to hell to meet thedevil himself (Bill Cosby), but that is not the end. Gould makes a deal toget out of hell by going back to Earth to get the souls of three youngpeople in this would-be-comedy that is just not funny. Cosby is not onscreen enough to even make a lasting impression and it is up to Gould andsome sub-par young actors to carry the project. Gould does do his best,butall in all the film is just a project that wants to entertain and providemessages to its audience and failed to do either of those things. An oddproduction from the Disney studios. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

1Howard Schwartzcinematographer
2Buddy Bakercomposer
3Steven Hilliard Sterndirector
4Jerome Courtlandproducer
5Mary Rodgerswriter
6Jimmy Sangsterwriter