The F* It List (2018)

The F* It List (2018)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: The F* It List
  • Voted: 3068

Brett Blackmore is a high school senior whose exemplary GPA and college resume hides the fact that he's unintentionally sold his childhood for a future he's not even sure he wants. When his high-school senior prank goes wrong, his life crumbles before his eyes. In frustration he launches the F**k-It List - of all the things he wishes he'd done but was too afraid. The list goes viral and touches a nerve with teenagers everywhere, exposing the educational-industrial complex as a money-machine designed to encourage anxiety-ridden parents to sell their kids into years of Tiger-Mom style servitude. Brett decides he's going to break free - and make a run for a future of his own design.

1Eli BrownBrett Blackmore
2Madison IsemanKayla
3Andrew BachelorJasper Zim
4Jerry O'ConnellJeffrey Blackmore
  • Feel good with few good moments by 7

    I had pretty low expectations but surprisingly it was fresh & had some genuine good moments. The coming of age or anti establishment wasn't too forceful or cathartic but it's ok. Lead actor was good. Overall breezy fun to watch if free on weekend.

  • a weak 6 for the pranks by 6

    A 3 for the romance, a 2 for the comedy and a little bit more for the score. the actors are good at talking, but not stalking.

    its just one of those senior high movie-stuff, not as crazy and stupid as the main stream romcom, but it doesnt reach deep into your heart. its like booksmart, everything happens within 24 hours, and its like''the last nigt of the pranks''.

    it has a story of love and happiness, but it doesnt fondle above the knee of what the grumpy old man holds as a standard for these kind of movies. so if you like to learn some high school anarchistic pranks, then be my guest, for the rest its for the rainy sunday afternoon. a weak 6.

  • Unrelatable af by 2

    Not relatable unless your parents own millions, I guess.

  • yea fxxk it ... it was good by 10

    Sometimes Hollywood just get the cheesy feel good summer movie whether be romance comedy or drama and it hits..

    I.e. Extracurricular ActivitiesI.e. Something Real and GoodRecent Turkish one I just saw... The Way We Are

  • This movie doesn't belong in 2020 by 5

    Considering the culture of the world in 2020 and how things are shaping, this movie feels like it would have been great had it been made 20 years ago. The problems the characters face are totally unrelatable to 99% of the population. It is as if the creators have been stuck in a time machine and still believe going to college and fulfilling our parents expectations are still relevant problems. They are, but they have been rehashed hundreds of times in the past.

    The only forgiving things this movie has going for it is it is midly entertaining. I also liked that the main character has dynamic morals and is willing to listen and learn.

1Christopher Hamiltoncinematographer
2Michael Duggandirector
3Bruce Greeneditor
4Matthew Signerproducer
5Stephanie Hamiltonproduction_designer
6Dan McDermottwriter