The Girls of Summer (2020)

The Girls of Summer (2020)
  • 59
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: The Girls of Summer
  • Voted: 59

After her two younger sisters leave home, Maren -- Midwest sod farmer by day, drummer by night -- is left alone to take care of her depressed, narcotic-abusing father. Eventually recognizing her unhappiness, Maren's father insists she pursue her dreams of becoming an Americana musician. This realization encourages Maren to join the band of legendary country star, Luke Thomas. While on tour with Luke's band, Maren falls in love with him. During a show, Maren performs a love song she has written specifically for Luke. His shocking response to her declaration of love sets unforeseeable events into motion. When the dream is bigger than you, will you rise to meet it? When the past wants to own your future, will you let it? When life sends you in another direction, will you choose to accept your fate? While staying true to herself and holding her family together, Maren must face the past in order to move forward.

1Tori TitmasMaren Taylor
2Jeff PuckettFrank Taylor
3Cali TitmusCali Taylor
4Valerie PlinovichGrace Taylor
  • Just pass by 3

    As a musician, this might be the worst movie about musicians I've ever seen. The songwriting was embarrassingly cheesy, the vocals hard to listen to, and the execution of pretending to play or sing was pretty poor; entirely aside from the believability of these people as musicians chasing a dream being nil. The girl/ guy chemistry was non existent and the interactions cringeworthy.

  • Good potential bad acting by 2

    Felt like the plot was thrown at you. No inclination the dad had an alcohol problem but only showed two seconds of background of it and then showed him in the hospital. Bad singers for a role where she was supposed to be fulfilling her dream of becoming a singer. Very awkward acting and storyline where it was hard to follow.

  • The music is awkward by 3

    The acting is pretty decent. The music and singing is just not good. Not good enough for this to be a movie about professional musicians. The song writing is bad. It could have been a good movie with real musicians and vocalists.

  • One star cause there's no un-star! by 1

    Like the time tested old saying.. suffering through this film-abortion resembled "watching paint dry"!

  • Decent but slow by 5

    The Story is good even though it's a little predictable. The pacing felt off at times and made the film drag on.

    Some of the shots were done very well and beautifully show off the nice landscapes of Indiana!

    Like most movies there are good things and bad things, but overall it's worth a watch!!

1Misha Suslovcinematographer
2Allen Turnercomposer
3Chris Usserycomposer
4John D. Hancockdirector
5Kelly Daisyproducer
6Don Joseph Chaseproduction_designer

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