The Gulf of Silence (2020)

The Gulf of Silence (2020)
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  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: The Gulf of Silence
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Since 1945, only a select few in the US government have known the truth about UFOs. In 2020, one of them is finally speaking out. Join Dr. Laura Gale PhD on a harrowing journey through over half a century of disinformation, counterespionage-and mankind's attempts to make first contact. This is a documentary based upon the tell-all memoir The Gulf of Silence.

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  • Sci-Fi Definitely Not, Just Another less than average Documentary about UFOs. by 4

    This is actually a UFO documentary, sort of, and a very dry one at that. With Mandy May Cheetham playing the part of Laura Gale being interviewed, I'm left wondering why not use the actual footage of Laura being interviewed? If it even exists, it might have been an improvement. After about 10 minutes of watching, I just couldn't handle any more, overly long pauses, voice from a black screen, and slow drawn out speech, so I started over at 2X play speed. About 30 min in I slowed to 1.4X because it started to get interesting. That's the way it stayed till the end, barely interesting even at 1.4X playback speed.

  • Documentary of innovative fantasy by 6

    As a science nerd I was intrigued by the simplicity and sense of plausibility to the plotline. There is no book and I can find no existence of Dr. Laura Gale Phd. I think this was a very artistically innovative way to make a movie during the Covid19 pandemic to feed an audience begging for input to dull their insanity. So kudos to director for finding a way to make a buck in 2020 and distract us for a few minutes. I can honestly say after watching I wanted it all to be true but in reality suspect none of it is.

  • Loneliness in the increasingly connected 21st century by way of UFO phenomena by 10

    Because it's not that we're alone in the universe - that much is a statistical impossibility - but that we are not alone, and nobody cares. Humanity is the ever-present blinking light of an unread message in the dark corner of the room.

    Obviously fiction (I mean, if the explicit disclaimer in the credits didn't tip you off, or the presentation as a whole then I worry for your brain!) but it doesn't matter. The Gulf of Silence isn't made to deceive, unlike the majority of UFO media, but rather to strike to the vulnerable, fleshy core of the phenomenon and the people most affected by it. Not with a sensationalist, smooth brained and popcorn gargling farcical take, but something utterly personal and heart breakingly relatable.

    Whether you're involved in this field or any other similarly maligned by the greater populace, provided you're not some soulless grifter that is, chances are you've been in some of the places Laura Gale has been. Endured the same jokes, snorts, the deaths of social units and the crippling, anxiety induced self sabotage in response. (insert alienation pun here?)

    If The Gulf of Silence achieves anything its the absolute realisation of a relatable, grounded protagonist divulging an account so credible within a genre so often bogged down in trashy, tabloid junk more concerned with making its viewer feel special, chosen and important. Maybe that's why it's currently being brigaded with one stars and being "reviewed" by filmgoers that unironically watch things at 2x speed and call people "females".

    Also its very funny.

  • Nothing to see here. by 1

    An extremely boring woman who apparently went on to be a UFO expert telling the least interesting UFO sighting story I have ever heard. The graphics are pathetic and there is nothing remotely interesting about this video of a woman talking. She could have shot it herself with her phone.

  • Don't mind the smooth brained haters, they just don't understand the concept of fiction by 10

    A cursory google will tell you that the main character of the film doesn't exist, so why is the film getting reviewed badly by people who feel like they're being lied to? Bruce Springsteen never worked a day in his life, but his dad worked in a factory for decades. He took what he saw and ignored the small truth's to try to tell a big truth. Would these reviewers begrudge The Boss' working class credentials in the same way that they're begrudging this film for its ambiguous relationship to reality?

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