The Image (1975)

The Image (1975)
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  • Genre: Adult
  • Release year: 1975 ()
  • Running time: 91 min
  • Original Title: The Image
  • Voted: 1538

Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he decides to partake in the activities. Ultimately, Claire surrenders to him as well.

1Mary MendumAnne
2Carl ParkerJean
3Marilyn RobertsClaire
4Valerie MarronSalesgirl
  • by 9/10

    This was my first S&M movie. Found by accident and watched it over andover, until I had to take it back. It is very erotic, and definitely amust see! I was happy to find it for sale so I can add it to myLibrary. If you are a Metzger fan you will want to see this movie. Itchanged the way I thought about sex, and opened up so many new avenuesto explore. I have looked for this movie for about 5 years. I wanted myhusband to see it. The Punishment of Anne takes you on a ride throughthe erotic tales of Dominace and submission. It is a wonderful ride. Ifyou are new to the B&D scene, this is a good movie to start with. Itisn't too much, but it is enough to wet your appetite and you will beback looking for more. It will quicken your heart rate, and put you inthe right mood. I say it is a must have!!!

  • by 8/10

    THE IMAGE is a disturbing, erotic, scary, elegant movie that probably onlyRadley Metzger could have made. Most directors of 'erotica' concentrate ongynecological close-ups to the exclusion of all else; Metzger's hallmarkhasalways been to tell the story and explain the characters by relying asmuchon the actors' eyes as on the dialogue. The S&M scene is as alien to measpeanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches (which I am also told some enjoy), butin THE IMAGE I can see the gamesmanship, the role-playing and the unspokenpsychological leveraging that makes it all so compellingly complex. WouldIshow this film to Grandma? Uh-uh. But then, that's just MY grandma, whoknows, yours may have a side you never suspected. This film is hot,fascinating, and, in this gorgeous and UNCUT (thank you, thank you!) videotransfer, stunningly beautiful as well.

  • by 10/10

    Arguably the finest S/M movie ever made, Radley Metzger's 'TheImage'(aka The Punishment of Anne) tells of Jean, a writer who meets an oldfriend, Claire, at a party and is soon drawn into her world of S/M alongwith her slave, Anne.Based on the French novel 'L'image' by Jean de Berg, a nom de guerrefor Catherine Robbe-Grillet, this may be Radley (Score!, Therese andIsabelle, The Opening of Misty Beethoven)Metzger's best film. Beautifullyfilmed and acted and very erotic.If your up for some primo euro-erotica at its finest, look no further!

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    I bought several erotic movies for my girlfriend and me and out of all ofthem I have found this one to be the best so far. The DVD has some sceneswhere there are lines in the picture but they do not take away from themovie, for being such an old movie it transferred well to DVD. I have toadmit that I did not think that the movie would get so explicit in someofthe scenes, but I think that just made it even better.

    If you want a very erotic movie then this one is great. There are somescenes that are a little annoying, like screaming for five or so minutes,but overall it is great. I would not buy it if you are looking for aporno,but there are several scenes that you would see in a porno.

  • by 9/10

    What we have here is a classic slice of pornography, which is wrappedup in excellent production values in spite of the lurid and sleazynature of most of it's action. Indeed, this film has just abouteverything a porn fan could want and more, as we get to watch the titlecharacter go through a number of 'pleasures' including whipping, publichumiliation and mutilation. The film takes place in the upper societyof France, and this serves in making the film more shocking as itfeatures an eloquent voice over from the central character, which runsover most scenes, and offsets the gratuitous sex sequences nicely. Theplot focuses on a man named Jean, who bumps into his friend Claire at adull cocktail party that the pair are attending. It's not long beforehe is introduced to Claire's "friend" - the completely submissive Anne,who delights in bending to her mistress' will, even if that meanshaving to urinate in public or undress in front of strangers. We thenfollow the trio through a series of sex scenes, most of which see thetitle character bear the brunt of the less savoury acts.

    One thing I've learnt about porn flicks is that there often isn't muchof a plot to speak of; and this one is no different, although the slimplot is excellently fleshed out by the three central characters; whoare very different and equally interesting. The beautiful RebeccaBrooke takes the lead role and does well with it thanks to her goodlooks and willingness to show off her 'assets' at every opportunity.Marilyn Roberts plays the older, yet equally sexy woman who is also thelabyrinth character of the piece and provides the film with a degree ofintrigue. Carl Parker rounds it all off with a brilliantly sleazyperformance, and his character actually goes through a bit ofdevelopment, which is rather odd for a porn film. This film is reallyhead and shoulders above its counterparts, as the production values aregood and director Radley Metzger actually seems to care about how goodhis locations look, as he succeeds in capturing France at its best.Overall, The Punishment of Anne comes highly recommended to anyone thatinterested in high-class porn films!

1Robert Lefebvrecinematographer
2Radley Metzgerdirector
3Gill Championproducer
4Max Pécasproducer
5Marty Richardsproducer
6Catherine Robbe-Grilletwriter