The Lady Is a Square (1959)

The Lady Is a Square (1959)
  • 51
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1959 ()
  • Running time: 100 min
  • Original Title: The Lady Is a Square
  • Voted: 51

Frankie Vaughan stars as young pop singer Johnny Burns, who is enlisted reluctantly by Frances Baring (Anna Neagle), a socialite widow attempting to keep her late husband's symphony orchestra going. As a result, Johnny falls for Baring's daughter Joanna, played by Janette Scott.

1Anna NeagleFrances Baring
2Frankie VaughanJohnny Burns
3Janette ScottJoanna Baring
4Anthony NewleyFreddy
  • Herb Gets Hep by 7

    A drab attempt by Herbert Wilcox to get With It by starring wife Anna Neagle opposite new singing sensation Frankie Vaughan. The film's title describes Neagle only too well, while Vaughan (playing a pop singer who speaks Russian and can namedrop Mahler) obliged by the plot to impersonate a butler is likeable but plainly no actor. The attempts by Wilcox' regular scriptwriter Nicholas Phipps at topical humour include some gruesomely apt references to looming financial ruination; since Wilcox was himself declared bankrupt in 1964. As Neagle's daughter and Vaughan's romantic interest Janette Scott, however, has gracefully made the transition from child actress to a charming young woman; while Neagle's own dance duet with Anthony Newley is actually rather sweet.

  • Undistinguished last film for Anna Neagle by 5

    Anna Be able had a very distinguished career starting in the early thirties.this was her last film.However it is clear that it is Frankis Vaughn who is the main attraction.He must have around six numbers in this film.He was a great singer and I saw him later on in 42nd Street.However a great film actor he is not.In any event he would my have been able to save this dated rubbish even if he had been Olivier.Anthony Newley features as sidekick and comic relief.Jeanetge features as Beagles daughter.Basically this film shows that both Herbert Wilcox and Be able had lost touch with public taste and it is little surprise that both careers turned towards the theatre.

  • Dismal and tedious! by 2

    Frankie Vaughan had a successful career as a crooner and had several big hits, but he was certainly no actor. His wooden performance renders much of the film unwatchable. Vaughan makes for a very unconvincing butler and his one note performance casts a shadow over the whole film. Even the cheesy dance routines and banal songs are totally unforgettable. It's tame & lifeless storyline is shot through with cliched dialogue. Anthony Newley is badly miscast as Vaughan's comedy 'go - between' while the rest of the cast, with the exception of Janette Scott, all appear middle aged and 'fuddy duddy.' The film lacks those essential ingredients of dynamism and excitement, and with its plodding storyline, was dated, even back in 1959. To call it a B film is being generous!

1Gordon Dinescinematographer
2Angela Morleycomposer
3Herbert Wilcoxdirector
4Pamela Bowerwriter
5Nicholas Phippswriter
6Harold Purcellwriter