The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1980)

The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1980)
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  • G
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 1980 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: The Last Flight of Noah's Ark
  • Voted: 1253

When Noah Dugan agrees to fly missionary Bernadette Lafleur and her cargo of animals to a remote island, its only because he is on the run from a couple of bookies. What neither of them know is that two of Miss Lafleur's young students have stowed away with the animals & Miss Lafleur's transistor radio has interfered with the plane's instruments and they're all now miles off course. After a forced landing on a remote island, Dugan, Bernadette, Bobby and Julie discover that they are not alone. Together with two Japanese soldiers who have been stranded on the island since WWII, they must turn the plane into a seaworthy boat if they are ever to make it home. When Bobby and Julie insist that they cannot leave the animals behind, the converted plane truly becomes a second Noah's Ark

1Elliott GouldNoah Dugan
2Geneviève BujoldBernadette Lafleur
3Ricky SchroderBobby
4Vincent GardeniaStoney
  • by 7/10

    First off, I'd like to say that I haven't seen this movie since I was akid.I just finished watching for the first time in 16 years, with mixedopinions. First, the story is good. The dialogue is decent (swearing in aDisney kids movie? Right on!). The cinematography is ok. The directing ispretty good. The acting is okay. The music is HORRIBLE. I've noticed, notonly with this picture, but almost every Disney movie from the late 60s oninto the mid 80s, if you turn the music off, it's actually more enjoyabletowatch. Being a music theory major in college, I have come to reallyappreciate good scoring for movies. There are several scenes where themusicis entirely inappropriate (such as after the crash, when they're roundingupall the equipment and animals and the music is straight from Yee Haw).Still, after all these years, it was good to watch it again. So if you cancringe your way through the sappy music, you're good to go with this edgyDisney movie.

  • by 6/10

    When high-living pilot Noah Dugan (Elliott Gould) agrees to fly primmissionary Bernadette Lafleur (Genevieve Bujold) and her cargo ofanimals formed by an array of minor-menagerie (such as goats , bulls ,assorted poultry , pigs , sheep and a four-legged potentialscene-stealer : a cow , among others) to a far island , it is onlybecause he is on the run from a pair of hoodlums (two bookies played bynotorious secondaries : John P. Ryan and Dana Elcar) . What neither ofthem know is that two of Miss Lafleur's little pupils (Rick Schroder ,Tammy Lauren) have stowed away hidden into plane rear . As a Boeing B29 carrying various animals makes a forced landing on a desert island,and the only chance to escape is to convert the broken-down plane intoa boat . There they discover which it is not as abandoned as theythought. Then they meet two Japanese soldiers isolated from secondworld war .

    This amusing Disney movie packs fun situations , easygoing characters ,emotions , humor and features impressive flying sequences with a BoeingB-29 Superfortress . However , it failed at box office and was pannedby some reviewers , but is today well considered . Enjoyable cast ,whose roster of interpretations includes a sympathetic acting byElliott Gould as a pilot who must scheme their way off a desertedisland following the crash landing and attractive Genevieve Bujold whoholds her own admirably . And two likable little boys playing asorphans, Rick Schroder and Tammy Lauren , both of whom would have animportant career , especially in TV . Furthermore , two Japanese actoras Yuki Shimoda as Hiro and John Fujioka as Cleveland , the latterwould play one year later : "Keep Your Hands Off the Island" a similarrole along with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer . Nice production designby Preston Ames , five B-29 Superfortresses were acquired in thespectacular flying images . One was used for interior shots at theDisney studio. Another was used for night sequences afloat in MGM'soutdoor tank. The third was used for the crash site on the island andthe fourth was made into the floating Noah's Ark. Colorful and brightcinematography by Charles Wheeler . Agreeable musical score by theprestigious Maurice Jarre , including some catching songs .

    The motion picture was well directed by Charles Jarrott , recentlydeceased . Jarrot's filmmaking largely keeps sentimentality throughout. Charles was a brilliant craftsman who directed all kind of genres ,and he stood out in his historical movies as ¨Mary , Queen of Scots¨and ¨Anne of the Thousand days¨. He directed adventure as ¨The Dove¨,dramas as ¨The other side of midnight¨ , Biography as ¨Boy in blue¨ ,thriller as ¨The amateur¨ , TV movies as ¨Night of the fox¨ , ¨DanielSteel's changes¨ , ¨Barbara Hutton story¨ and Disney movies as ¨Thelittlest horse thieves¨, Condorman¨ and this ¨The last flight of Noahark¨. Rating : 6.5/10 . Worthwhile seeing .

  • by 10/10

    this is the best feel-good movie of all time. nothing too bad happensbut it's not boring. nothing too surprising happens but it's notpredictable. nothing too funny happens but it's not stupid. it's cornybut perfectly so. Elliott Gould is good. he is a better actor when itcomes to serious/comedies, like Robert Altman's "The Long Goodbye"and/or "California Split", but he's having fun here and so does theaudience. the woman in the movie is cute. she is a missionary and Gouldflies her to an island but they go the wrong way and end up on thewrong island, this one seemingly deserted. tagging along, as it were,are two kids played by Ricky Shroder (now Rick) and Tammy Lauren, whowould grow up to be very gorgeous. also there is a bull and a duck, asthe kids pets, and two Japanese men on the island who've been there for35 years and don't know that the war is over. they are gungho with therising flag, but then they turn good when the missionary lady goes andmeets them. and then they put the rising star flag on the plane thatcrashed that they all transform into a boat. here i had my onlyproblem. the Japanese, during the war, sided with the Nazis. wouldn'tElliott Gould or the missionary lady have a problem with having thatflag as the main mast on the ship? and wouldn't the two men, uponlearning that America nuked three of their cities to win the war, getsort of angry? but oh well, it doesn't matter. there is a shark in themovie too and it's very scary, even though it's only stock footage, andthe ending is almost sad but then gets happy and you will smile duringthe end credits. oh and another funny thing is that the credits in thebeginning happen twenty minutes into the movie after a couple of thugs,who are after Gould for owing them money, are chasing the airplane thatis taking off. and the two thugs are played by Dana Elcar of "Baretta"fame, and John Ryan ("Runaway Train"), usually a heavy in movies. herehe's bumbling. Vincent Gardenia makes an important cameo. he played thechief inspector in "Death Wish" who was always sneezing.

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    I had previously written to the IMDB about this film and I wanted to add afew more comments about it because it is one of my favorites of all time. Ithink it is Disney's best film and I only wish that more people could see itbecause it has never been shown on TV. Ernest K. Gann who wrote the storyfor the film also wrote the classic John Wayne film The High And The Mighty.He also wrote another fine film about an airplane disaster called Fate Isthe Hunter with Glenn Ford. Elliott Gould gives his finest performance inthis film. This man is probably best known as Barbara Striesands husband andI feel that is a great dishonor to him. They gave her the American FilmInstitute's Lifetime Ahcievement Award and he has been in almost four timesas many films as her. Is that justice? Genevieve Bujold is wonderful in thisfilm and the chemistry between her and Gould is wonderful as well. She is anactress who has never been given her just due as well. She made a film acouple years later with Chris Reeve called Monsignor that was such adevastating bomb that it blacklisted her for life basically. Rick Schroderis one of the few child actors who made a successful transition to adultroles. This was his first film after he made The Champ with Jon Voight(people said that he was one of the most appealling child actors to comealong) he proves in this film that he can act and I think it is his bestperformance. There was a biography of Walt Disney called Walt DisneyHollywood's Dark Prince that mentioned that TLFONA was one of the biggestbombs in the history of the studio and I still cannot understand why. Thisis family film at its very best. This movie is a classic and one of thefondest memories of my childhood is watching it.

  • by 5/10

    While Vincent Gardenia and J.P. Ryan only appear in the film'sbeginning, they are pretty much in character. Gardenia wise crackingand Ryan playing a really small part as a "heavy" after Elliott Gouldfor money owed to his bookie. The story is rather "formula driven".Plane carrying animals goes down on an island. Japanese Soldiersappear, eventually making friends with Gould and Genieve Bujold. Twokids who were stowaways are the only reason this is a family film. Ifound them to be more annoying than anything, but obviously they werenot going to go away. Once the plane is turned into a raft, we get theexpected crisis of the minute, including a shark attack, and a storm.All ends well, and the movie is far from memorable, especially foradults. - MERK