The Lucky Man (2018)

The Lucky Man (2018)
  • 1730
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 98 min
  • Original Title: The Lucky Man
  • Voted: 1730

Traveling Route 66, a charismatic preacher, Reverend Johnny Jones, and his seductively beautiful Latina girlfriend, Rebecca, find their lives spiraling out of control as they travel from small town to small town; running their scam on the churches they encounter along the mother road. He's able to convince people he has the power to heal their illnesses and solve their most dreadful life experiences. But what the couple think is their scam begs the question does he really have the power? It's a question that haunts him and only intensifies his inner demons. Scarred for life, his childhood abuse from his evil father won't soon go away. He finds temporary refuge at the bottom of each bottle of tequila and endless grams of cocaine that goes up his nose. His childhood demons will not subside, neither will his vices. In the end, his powers serve as a blessing and a curse. Hang on tight while we follow this perilous couple's journey into the abyss of miracles and tragedy.

1Jesse JamesRev. Johnny Jones
2Mariana Paola VicenteRebecca
3Burton GilliamPawn Broker's Dad
4Brad HawkinsBartender
  • So bad I felt compelled to leave a review by 1

    I have just wasted two hours of my life, don't make the same mistake. From the awful acting to the utterly pointless scenes, I am dumbfounded at how this movie has any good reviews.

    The scenes were so odd and some characters so OTT you expected something to happen out of the never did! This was pretty much the entire length of the film. The acting was at times embarrassing to watch, from most of the characters.

    It's been a long time since I have sat through such a bad movie, shame really as the story-line had potential.

  • Seriously don't.....truly awful. by 1

    I don't normally write reviews, but i was tricked into watching this by the fake ratings on this one. Terrible terrible film, acting is terrible, script is worse and there are so many pointless scenes aka bell ringing man! Lots of reuse of actors as extras...which is quite amusing.Production is also terrible, filming is a joke, there is nothing good about this film other than the "hot" "latino" wife...loco!!

    The only redeeming thing is my son and I will have many a nights laughing over the absolutely shocking film this was...worse than the room, maybe Norman Gregory Mcguire needs to take some tips from Tommy Wiseau.

  • Abomination by 1

    One of the worst films I have ever seen. The actors can't act, the script must have been the idea of a teenager high on coke who have never written anything before but have seen a few films with a similar plot. There were visual effects that reminded me of some of the Indian serials which I would consider to be worse than porn artistically speaking. Such a waste of time and energy.

  • Wow, pretty bad by 3

    Not the worst film I've seen but pretty bad nonetheless. Poor acting for the most part and the story is just desperately lost. A coke sniffing bad boy who fuels his habit by playing preacher along Route 66, accompanied by his pretty soon to be wife. I could add spoilers here and it would probably make no difference. There are "B" movies, and then there is the category below that, which is where this would fit. Hopelessly lost script and direction.

  • Student project by 4

    This was not good.Bad script. Lousy acting and a meaningless story.Depressing movie.

1Norman Gregory McGuiredirector
2Jt Barnettproducer
3John Belewproducer
4Carolina Hernandezproducer
5Chad Littlepageproducer
6Dino Mayproducer