The New Girlfriend (2014)

The New Girlfriend (2014)
  • 7663
  • R
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2014 ()
  • Running time: 108 min
  • Original Title: Une nouvelle amie
  • Voted: 7663

Claire and Laura have been friends since primary school. Now, in their adult lives, with each happily married, to Gilles and David respectively, they are as close as ever. Then Laura dies after an illness and Claire's world is suddenly very empty. Being the godmother of Laura's child, Lucie, Claire visits David and Lucie, only to discover he has a startling secret...

1Romain DurisDavid,Virginia
2Anaïs DemoustierClaire
3Raphaël PersonnazGilles
4Isild Le BescoLaura
  • Brilliant, beautiful exploration of the nature of attraction, friendship and love. by 10

    I came to this film as a long-time lover of French cinema, a devotee of Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine's masterful storytelling (here given its deserved production values at last, after all of the rather limiting low-budget TV adaptations) and Romain Duris' incredibly versatile, sensitive acting - so all the elements were already in place; it was pretty much a foregone conclusion I would adore it, but I still wasn't prepared for the emotional head-rush.

    The nature of attraction is explored fascinatingly; it goes through stages including revulsion, acceptance, friendship, attraction and love and revisits them, with an ending that blew me away and stayed with me long after the film finished, making me think deeply about the limitless nature of love and things unexpectedly turning out for the best.

    The two leads were captivating and the unexpected humorous touches at some of the saddest or serious of moments were a pure joy.

  • I loved it. by 9

    After going over the film list for TIFF 2014 this movie seemed to stand out to me. Based on what I was reading it was actually different from what I expected. I suppose my imagination is just not very creative lol.

    I did see this movie with a female friend and she really enjoyed it as well. What I do remember if that within a few minutes of starting the whole theatre was in tears. And then a few minutes later we were all laughing so hard we were crying. That is all I will so so as not to spoil it. We did enjoy the acting, the lighting, the costumes etc. The ending was also very suspenseful and the way tings finished were very interesting. I guess you have to see it for yourself and make your own judgement.

    I strongly urge you to watch it and come back with your comments, recommendations, suggestions.

  • People are strange, and that's OK by 8

    To avoid spoilers I won't discuss the plot. I'll just say that the movie is about people, in all their strangeness, and you'll come to understand and care about even the oddest among them. It's an enjoyable movie. It contains some tasteful but very hot sex scenes that mean it's not for the kids.

  • From a dull beginning, to a great film! by 7

    i am surprised to see negative reviews on this film. 1 star? I wonder what could have been so bad in the movie to deserve 1 star...

    The first 20 minutes of the film are rather dull but as the film develops, the mystery unveils and the clichés disappear. Isild Le Besco (Laura) is fairly bad which is why the movie is so difficult to watch in the beginning, unfortunately.

    Roman Duris (David) and Anais Demoustier (Claire) are excellent together. I could feel every line, every movement, every thought.

    I felt deeply overwhelmed when the film ended. The trailer is perfect, as it doesn't reveal too much. Please do not read reviews of the movie with spoilers, you will certainly lose the surprise effect of the plot.


    9 stars because of the beginning, otherwise WELL DONE Francois Ozon!

  • Ozon's worst film of his career. Awful. by 1

    I saw THE NEW GIRLFRIEND at the Toronto International Film Festival. I think its director (Francois Ozon) was afraid to show it at Cannes for fear of being booed. This is a genuinely terrible work of kitchen sink drama that is not worthy of being played on the LIFETIME Network. It is exaggerated, clichéd, politically correct garbage. I hated this film, and have given up on Ozon forever. The only redeeming part of the movie is a great performance by Anais Demoustier, who does a nice job playing a bored housewife whose life is turned upside down by the death of her best friend from childhood. Romain Duris's performance is rather boring, with endless repetition of the same notes over and over again. Not a single note of this film feels genuine. It is totally contrived. I hope French moviegoers will AVOID this film at the Box Office.

1Pascal Marticinematographer
2Philippe Rombicomposer
3François Ozondirector
4Eric Altmayerproducer
5Nicolas Altmayerproducer
6Ruth Rendellwriter