The Novice (2006)

The Novice (2006)
  • 238
  • PG-13
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2006 ()
  • Running time: 89 min
  • Original Title: The Novice
  • Voted: 238

Peter is studying to be a Jesuit priest when he is sent to the Gulf Coast to work at a soup kitchen with an older priest and Jill, a beautiful volunteer who makes him rethink taking his vows.

1John SchukJungle Assistant #1
2David DempsterJungle Assistant #2
3Jacob PittsPeter Pekorius
4Matthew CareyGilbert Benny
  • A quietly beautiful movie, with religious significance and lovely performances by 8

    Catholic novice, Peter (Jacob Pitts) is now uncertain if he wants to be a priest. When a superior asked him about a pretty, shirtless lady who suddenly appeared before the two, Peter commented on her anatomy. It was the wrong answer, for souls and saving them are what is important. Nevertheless the Church is not ready to give up on Peter and send him to a remote area of Louisiana to help out in a Catholic-run food bank for the poor. But, uh oh! One of the other staff members is pretty Jill (Amy Acker) who succeeds in capturing Peter's attention. NOW, his hesitation to commit is even stronger. Also at the facility is a fine leader (Alan Arkin) and a very upset priest (Orson Bean) who was called home from Africa where the old man wanted to stay. As Peter and Jill meet frequently, even as she has revealed to the novice that her dream is to join the African Peace Corps, will love bloom? This quietly beautiful film almost has it all, for it sports a great story, a nice cast, a wildly gorgeous setting,a thoughtful premise, and a skilled direction. So, what's not to love? Find it, find it.

  • I Love this Movie. by 10

    I went to Jesuit school. They may have kicked me out and I hated them for years but after this movie, I'm back to loving them. The cast was superb but Amy Acker made the difference to me. Why can't women be more like Amy Acker? She was adorable.

  • Except for the ending, excellent by 10

    I loved this, except for the ending. I'd change it. Made me angry.

  • This movie is deep or maybe not by 6

    Thanks to reading a review, I had a better understanding of this movie. It's a very different movie not for everyone. Perhaps it would be fine to watch if you know scriptures and may get something from it. I gave it a higher rating than I should've because the actors were very good and it kept my interest throughout the whole movie but it is not something I would recommend for a romantic movie as suggested in Hallmark NOW did.

1Lou Chanatrycinematographer
2William Kiddcomposer
3David Reynoldscomposer
4Murray Robinsondirector
5Robert Abramoffproducer
6D. Scott Lumpkinproducer