The Olivia Experiment (2012)

The Olivia Experiment (2012)
  • 49
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2012 ()
  • Running time: 89 min
  • Original Title: The Olivia Experiment
  • Voted: 49

Olivia is a 27-year-old grad student who's beginning to suspect she's an asexual. To help clear up her issues, she accepts a friend's offer to try sex with her own boyfriend. But much goes wrong in Olivia's first foray into sex.

1Skye NoelOlivia
2Jen LilleyFelisha
3Brett BaumayrJulian
4Michelynne McGuireC.J.
  • This is micro-budget film-making at its best! by 8

    The movie is a great example of what filmmakers can accomplish on a shoestring. An enjoyable independent film without production pretensions, it is technically accomplished with simple framing, brisk pace and some really fine acting by a cast of unknowns.

    We maintain a rooting interested in our heroine (Olivia) as she goes on her comedic, cringe-worthy quest to better understand the nature of her self-diagnosed asexuality. Forced to face her lifelong problem, Olivia, decides to explore her sexuality issues by losing her virginity to the sexy loaner boyfriend of her share-and-share alike pal. Hilarious complications ensue.

    One clever element in the film that really works: Olivia decides to document her "experiment" which allows the director to conduct real interviews with men and women of all ages and sexual orientations who frankly discuss first sexual encounters, sexual identity likes-dislikes and the meaning of the act to each individual. These interviews are feathered through the story as a subtle comment on what is happening to Olivia.

    The script has loads of heart. And the well-earned ending sneaks up you and left me feeling warm and happy, as most good romantic comedies should (and do).

  • A turn-off by 2

    While the movie has a mildly interesting premise, does a decent job of presenting the awkward heroine, and is competently made, it is just not entertaining. This is really the worst kind of film, one that seems to have the resources to develop into something, but ends up being just a total waste of time. You wait for the punchline, but it never comes. There is no comedy, no drama, no titillation, and not even a resolution. Apparently the viewer is supposed to be too fascinated with the interaction of the stock characters to notice. A shirtless hunk is featured, which I suppose might qualify such a bland and tedious movie as a chick flick, but the plot also includes a chubby dork, which is more expected in a movie for little kids. Rating: inappropriate for all viewers.

1William MacCollumcinematographer
2Ashley Irwincomposer
3Sonja Schenkdirector
4Donald H. Hewitteditor
5Jillian Mouleditor
6Alexandra Komisarukwriter