The Other Woman (1995)

The Other Woman (1995)
  • 210
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 1995 ()
  • Running time: 89 min
  • Original Title: The Other Woman
  • Voted: 210

After the divorce from Michael, Tessa raises her daughters Kate and Laura alone. None of them can stand her ex-husband's new young wife Carolyn, a model. But then Tessa learns that she's suffering from cancer and soon will die. Now she tries to get her kids to accept Carolyn as new mother. She takes her with her on a trip across America to her father Jacob's ranch in Wyoming. She tries to teach Carolyn about the responsibilities involved in raising kids.

1Jill EikenberryTessa Bryan
2Laura LeightonCarolyn
3Rosemary ForsythDr. Angela Crane
4Monica ParkerMarie
  • There is a later remake by 7

    Three years later Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon plays the main roles in a remake called "Stepmon".

    Ed Harris acts in that movie as well.

    It is a little strange, a TV movie before a Blockbuster.

    I prefer the movie from 1995.

    "Stepmon" is only a performance to show us two of the female big cheeses of Hollywood.

  • When The Other Woman Was Really Needed *** by 7

    The way this film starts out, you would swear that we're in for murder and mayhem. James Read has divorced Tessa (Jill Eikenberry). The marriage produced 2 children. He has wed Laura Leighton, a young sexy model. Tessa is fuming and you think something is going to happen. Something happens all right. Tessa is diagnosed with terminal cancer and the film depicts the relationship that she builds with Leighton, the latter who shall take care of her children.

    The film shows the coming of maturity of the Leighton character. She certainly rises to the occasion.

    The last part of the film falters somewhat as it becomes preachy with the inevitable dialogue.

    Nevertheless, the performances are quite good, especially those of Eikenberry and Leighton.

    Lloyd Bridges gives a memorable but brief performance as the father who really never understood Tessa and now has to come to grips with what is occurring.

1Michael J. Daviscinematographer
2Peter Manning Robinsoncomposer
3Gabrielle Beaumontdirector
4Stephen Adriansoneditor
5Randy Sutterproducer
6Nancey Silverswriter