The Patriot (1998)

The Patriot (1998)
  • 11952
  • R
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1998 ()
  • Running time: 90 min
  • Original Title: The Patriot
  • Voted: 11952

Doctor Wesley McClaren is an immunologist in Ennis, Montana, and he has turned down an offer to join his friend Richard Bach, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the head of a unit called the Biological Response Team (BRT). Wesley and his daughter Holly live on a farm in Ennis, and a farmhand named Frank lives with them. Just over the hill from the farm, a 52 day standoff against militia leader Floyd Chisolm has ended. Floyd has decided to be his own attorney in court. Everyone is shocked when Floyd spits on Judge Tomkins. After the hearing, Tomkins starts feeling sick. Holly, like she always does, stops at Wesley's office after school so she can go home with Wesley. On their way home, Wesley gets a call on his mobile phone. Wesley rushes to the hospital with Holly and tells her to wait in the doctors' lounge, then Wesley is taken to see Tomkins, who looks awful. Wesley is told that Tomkins collapsed in his chambers at the court building. Wesley sees a cop collapse, while Tomkins ...

1Steven SeagalDr. Wesley McClaren
2L.Q. JonesFrank
3Gailard SartainFloyd Chisolm
4Silas Weir MitchellPogue
  • Low on action, high on Seagal's sermonising by 7

    Wesley McClaren leaves the biological division of the CIA to become a small town doctor. When a group of American terrorists release a toxin into the air, it mutates and the vaccine becomes useless. McClaren becomes trapped in the town with the terrorists in a race to find a new vaccine. However when his daughter seems to be beating the toxin the terrorists decide to use her blood as a vaccine and McClaren is forced to protect her while seeking an alternative cure.

    This is yet another Seagal film where he preaches about his beliefs and promotes Native American culture etc. The down side of this is that it tends to overpower the action scenes - for example the last 10 minutes of `On Deadly Ground' was Seagal giving a lecture on big businesses impact on the environment. Here Seagal is battling a virus, so there's even less action - they wheel the terrorists in in an attempt to give Seagal some real people to fight. However there are no really good action scenes - which are the only thing Seagal can do well. In the place of action we have Seagal telling off scientists for storing diseases, telling everyone about the benefits of Native American ways etc. This makes the film feel very dull and wordy and I really wanted more action - but there just wasn't the chance for fights.

    Seagal isn't very good. He's looking old and podgy and less suited to the all round action man. The huge amount of talking scenes highlights Seagal's weaknesses as an actor. The terrorist leader is poor, but it is interesting to see LQ Jones (A Boy and His Dog) as Frank. However Seagal is really stretched.

    Overall this is poor - the threat of biological warfare is an interesting, emotive subject, but here it's hard to be interested due to Seagal forcing it down out throats. And the ending is hard to swallow and typical of Seagal's blind love for all things Native American.

  • great movie by 8

    I think this is one hell of a movie...........We can see Steven fighting around with his martial art stuff again and like in all Segal movies there's a message in it, without the message it would be one of many action/fighting movies but the message is what makes segal movies great and special.

  • Amazingly Ridiculous by 1

    "The Patriot" staring Steven Segal is a late 90's thriller/action movie that is not really a thriller and not really an action movie; rather it is Steven Segal playing Steven Segal by another name, but this time he is a Native American country doctor who kicks butt every now an again. Baring the obvious plot line holes, the movie itself is absolutely amazing in terms of the blatant disregard for character devolvement.

    From a marketing standpoint, I was left asking myself, "who in the world were they aiming at?" The bio-thriller plot-line is way off the mark for the middle America crowd and Segal as silk cowboy would never sell to anyone even if you deep fried him and put him between a kripsy-cream donut. The whole movie is just way out there, even for Segal fans, because it simply does not deliver on any level.

  • Amazingly Bad by 4

    Continuing my plan to watch every Steven Seagal movie in order I come to

    The Patriot (1998)

    Following his split from Warner Bros, Segal's business partner, Jules Nasso, put together a four-picture deal for Seagal. This was the first film that the financing had been solely raised by Seagal/Nasso Productions. There were no company logos, just Inter light Pictures and Baldwin/Cohen Productions present in association with Seagal/Nasso Productions

    Apparently Seagal thought audiences were paying to see his movies for his acting ability, so he tries to show case that here as Doctor Wesley McClaren and its pretty embarrassing when he does try to do some serious acting. Like attempting to portray frustration as the soldiers die despite his best effortsnto save them.

    I have to say, for me, this is the first bad movie in his filmography. Seagal adopts a really bad Western accent here. When combined with his trademark whispery voice, half the time I could not make out what he was saying. I'm the end I had to put the Subtitles.

    Most of this movie is so moronic and implausible it beggers disbelief. There is lots of easily spotted foreshadowing and screenplay 101's littered all the way through the movie. I did make it to the ridiculous end, though.

    The Patriot was the first Steven Seagal movie to be released straight to video in most countries. In just 10 years he had gone from promising action star to straight to video.

  • Think drama, not action, and you won't be disappointed. by 8

    Basically, this is a very good film. It is very different from Seagal's other films though, which unfortunately may turn off some of his fans. Unlike some of the other films, this does not feel like a 'Seagal vehicle'. You get to see plenty of the other characters as well and all of Mr. Seagal's actions are not the same as we've seen before. The concept of him being an 'intellectual' in something other than bombs and other weaponry is a nice change. Although there are some unrealistic parts to the film (some more obvious than others), in general you can let them slide since the film is fun to watch.

    It boils down to this: If you are looking for a classic Seagal action film, sorry, but you're going to be disappointed. Watch it anyway for the fun of it. If you're open to seeing Seagal without the action, it's well worth a look. I personally believe it is some of the best work he's done in quite a while.

1Dean Semlerdirector
2Howard Baldwinproducer
3Patrick D. Chehproducer
4William Heinewriter
5M. Sussmanwriter
6John Kingswellwriter