The Rooftop (2013)

The Rooftop (2013)
  • 953
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2013 ()
  • Running time: 120 min
  • Original Title: Tian tai ai qing
  • Voted: 953

Gao and his friends are the happiest kids in the city of Galilee. Living on the rooftops of this bustling metropolis, sometimes life can be tough, but they still churn out songs all day, and dance under the stars at night. But when Gao meets his dream girl, a billboard beauty named Sian, fate takes him on a wild ride through the high and low parts of the town he loves.

1Jay ChouGao
2Alan KoHaklen
3Eric TsangSir Po
4Xueqi WangRay
  • Simple story, brilliant production! by 7

    Impressive work by Director Chou!

    Despite the simple story, this movie at times funny, at times heartwarming, is very entertaining to watch. Intense, bright colors and beautiful scenes, coupled with singing, dancing and fighting, this production is truly unique to the Asian film industry.

    Interesting and beautiful musical that exceeded expectations. What could have been a corny attempt is fun yet rational. The cast members, producers and director really pulled it off. Their efforts are to be admired.

    Watch it to believe it!

  • Musically and visually captivating! by 10

    Considering the dearth of musicals in the Chinese movie industry and the surfeit of the usual CGI-ed Hollywood blockbusters, The Rooftop was a breath of fresh air! A simple storyline, with meticulous detail to the sets, props and costumes made for a very quirky, retro feel. This was aptly accompanied by the excellent score and soundtrack, all composed by the director and lead actor himself, the versatile multi-hyphenate Jay Chou, in a departure from his usual Mandopop fare. That, in itself, gives him points in my book; after all, how many directors can actually write all the music for their own movie?

    Of course there was a star-crossed romance, coupled with the requisite funny sidekicks, various baddies and action scenes of the martial arts variety. True, the final sequence was a tad melodramatic but enough to keep me on edge until the very end. For me, the song-and-dance numbers were the main draw and I was not disappointed.

    All in, it was a very entertaining two hours of being in Galilee City and I left the cinema with the tunes ringing in my ears and the scenes flitting across my mind. And an overpowering desire to watch again! (which I eventually did...and enjoyed it even more then!)

1Ping Bin Leecinematographer
2Jason Huangcomposer
3Wenders Lieditor
4Will Liuproducer
5Yoshihito Akatsukaproduction_designer