The Shooter (1997)

The Shooter (1997)
  • 496
  • R
  • Genre: Western
  • Release year: 1997 ()
  • Running time: 91 min
  • Original Title: The Shooter
  • Voted: 496

The story is of a small town in the early west and of a 'shooter' of reputation that drifts into it and stands up to the controlling family that runs it. But far from a John Wayne, this hero is caught and brutally beaten and left to die, only to be saved by a prostitute that has also suffered under the hand of this group of desperados. The only one possible to stand up to the shooter is another solitary man who joins with the notorious family although he is deputized as the town's sherif.

1Michael DudikoffMichael Atherton
2Randy TravisKyle Tapert
3Valerie WildmanWendy
4Andrew StevensJacob Finch,Narrator
  • * * * Out Of Five by 7

    Dudikoff stars as Michael Atherton a gunfighter and ex-union soldier, after stumbling across a woman being beaten by some no-good scum, Atherton naturally steps in and saves the girl(Valarie Wildman) and in the process finds himself targeted for vengeance by the family of one of the guys he killed and it's not long before Atherton is caught, beaten and almost killed, only to be saved by Wendy the girl he saved before, Atherton takes aim at taking down the family and does, however the sheriff has a vendetta, one that goes all the way back to the war in this far-better-than-you-would-expect direct to video western which features a decent story and Dudikoff in good form. This, The Silencer, Soldier Boyz and Virtual Assassin are the only watcahble movies from Dudikoff in the 90's. However where as Dudikoff is well suited to the role of a western, it's Randy Travis who ends up making the most impression and in turn steals the movie.

    3/5 Matt Bronson

  • A welcome change of role for Michael Dudikoff. by 7

    "The Shooter" was a different type of film for Michael Dudikoff. Although normally associated with action flicks that incorporate martial arts, this film , because it was a western, enabled him to display that he is a far more capable actor than certain formula story lines have allowed.

    The major problem, of course, is that the film does not allow any solid character development. The fleshing in is really left to the viewer . We can only guess at the sadness that has made the Shooter, whose real name is Michael Atherton, the killer that he is- a killer, mind you, that a little town, terrorized by a local bully, welcomes as a hero who can release it from its misery.

  • Modern Spaghetti Western Clone by 4

    I'm surprised about the many female voters who even give this film better marks. My thought about this film was that the target audience is adult and male. Whipped and tortured women, merciless revenge and a high body count are typical ingredients, introduced into film history by the spaghetti subgenre. The opening and the hand-smashing are DJANGO rip-offs. THE SHOOTER however lacks the style of e.g. DJANGO. Score, acting and cinematography are mediocre at best but if you look for the above mentioned ingredients you are in the right place here. And the actors don't have an Italian accent.

    4 / 10.

  • Fred Olen Ray's best film yet. by 9

    Action, horror, sci-fi, exploitation director Fred Olen Ray shows he has some talent as a director. Character actor William Smith is one of the best tough/bad guys in the industry. He treats the viewer with the best acting performance of his career. As for Randy Travis he gives his best Lee Van Cleef impression. He's not bad in the film. Smith and Travis make the movie. As for the rest of the cast none of them really stand out. Ray did a great job directing this flick, Smith and Travis were good, I'd give this B western on a scale of one to ten(ten being the best) a seven.

  • Amateurish production by 9

    Where do I start? The hero should have learned to ride a horse before filming a western. Red lipstick marks on a persons back really don't look like whip cuts. Hats of that period didn't have modern metal ventilation holes and the style of saddles used were not developed until the mid 1900s. After firing about eighteen rounds, our hero finally had to reload his six-shooter and there was zero "kick" when revolvers were fired. What bad guy takes the time to tie the picture perfect rope noose to hang the heroin? Who knew all the "whores" out west were so attractive? I could go on. All in all,a very amateurish production.

1Gary Gravercinematographer
2Deeji Minceycomposer
3Boris Zelkincomposer
4Fred Olen Raydirector
5Ashok Amritrajproducer
6Tony Gigliowriter