The Suspect (2013)

The Suspect (2013)
  • 1391
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release year: 2013 ()
  • Running time: 98 min
  • Original Title: The Suspect
  • Voted: 1391

Two African American social scientists pose as bank robbers in an effort to understand the racial dynamics of small-town law enforcement. However, their experiment takes an unplanned, deadly turn.

1Mekhi PhiferThe Suspect
2William SadlerSheriff Dixon
3Sterling K. BrownThe Other Suspect
4Derek RochéDeputy Riley
  • by 7/10

    Some of us while watching a film, look for unpredictability, and on myopinion 95 per cent of the movies are about the same, crime with acliché, zombie with a cliché, etc... with a cliché, and when you findan argument that is telling you nothing, I mean teasing you with thesame question: "What is really happening here?" and then immerse andinterest you without giving a real clue, that's what I CALL A GOOD ONE!

    I came into "The suspect" waiting for something that would turn off myattention within fifteen minutes, instead, after an hour or so, I waswith eyes glued to the screen, no blood, no shootings, no CGI, but astory, not build in great suspense, but properly elaborated, and Iwondered how come movies like this fall into the great pit ofindifference... because most moviegoers are lazy and dumb? The actingis good, at moments like watching live theater, more interestingly theplot takes a turn as if Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad) had something todo with it.

    The writer and director's name is STUART CONELLY and hopefully his workcatches the attention of a TV network, or a big movie studio, becausefrankly, we need more intelligent movies like "THE SUSPECT"

    My recommendation is: watch this movie of you are looking for a smartand twisted ending! And as always no spoilers in here.

  • by 8/10

    A perfect start to a film is watching landscapes and the introductionto a venue, while listening to a radio updating you. In seconds you areput into the situation. A small town has just experienced a bankrobbery. And a sheriff of a completely white small town leaves thepolice car to start an interrogation of a black man which is suspectedof the robbery. Simply great, and a great start of the film.

    I like a film that is different, and this is very original both in thestorytelling and in the plot. I was engaged in the story all the waythrough, though it's a little bit confusing. There's even some flashbacks to help you understand. By no way perfect, but still interestingand engaging. On a large budget this would have potential to be a largehit.

    William Sadler is great as the sheriff, as is Mekhi Phifer as thesuspect. It's a low budget production but they have made the best outof it. Talented film making by first time offender Stuart Connelly! Gosee it!

  • by 10/10

    4.7! thats a joke! I cannot believe that people rated this movie solow. I recently watched a movie called scenic route, i expected it tobe pretty horrible because of the low ratings but i always reservejudgement because people want to see giant robots and time travel ornudity. That movie turned out to be one of my top 5 movies of the year.

    I don't really know what to say on this movie because i was SO shockedon how brilliant it actually was. I was teary eyed at the end becausethe twist is like something you would see in a series like the wire.Mekhi Phifer is a brilliant actor and plays this role perfectly and thesupporting actor is just as impressive. The events that take place inthis movie are completely unrealistic and pretty outrageous even downto the way the police are but that is no way to judge the movie becauseits just a movie... So enjoy it for what it is.

  • by 7/10

    "You're not from around here. You got no identification. You got nocar. You're covered in dirt like you've been digging somewhere and totop it all off..." Two college professors are working on a study inracial dynamics and bias. They plan to rob a bank in a small townrecord how they are treated before they give the money back. Things aregoing as planned until they find a sheriff (Sadler) who will stop atnothing to get a positive identification. When the partner doesn't showup with the money to prove it's all an act things take a serious turn.This is a difficult movie to review. It is very good but it's hard totalk too much about it without giving anything away. I will say thoughthat the movie at the same time breaks down and supports certainstereotypes, when you watch you will see what I mean. The best part ofthe movie though is that you never are quite sure what is going on andit keeps you guessing all the way until the end. This is the type ofmovie where there is really no defined good or bad guys. That makes amovie more fun to watch. Overall, a movie that stays one step ahead ofyou the entire time, I like movies like that. I give this a B+.

  • by 8/10

    Refreshingly different thriller that although shot on a budget is welledited, shot and contains some great acting.

    I must admit that initially I was not that impressed but as you watchmore the plot evolves and the characters start to make an impact. Thereis some great editing that really pieces together the story, yes maybethe redneck police are a little one sided but situations like this arebelievable. Without saying too much it's a great scam!

    The two key actors (cop and bank robber) deliver great performances andthe twist at the end is unexpected till the last minute. Well worthyour time and deserves at least a 7.

1Eric Giovoncinematographer
2Stephen Coatescomposer
3Stuart Connellydirector
4Scott Aronsonproducer
5Mary Jo Barthmaierproducer
6Robyn K. Bennettproducer