The Tiger Who Came to Tea (2019)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea (2019)
  • 589
  • Genre: Animation
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: 23 min
  • Original Title: The Tiger Who Came to Tea
  • Voted: 589

A young girl befriends a tiger and invites him over for tea.

1David OyelowoTiger
2Clara RossSophie
3Tamsin GreigMummy
4Benedict CumberbatchDaddy
  • Beautiful animation and voice acting by 10

    This is a simple tale of a child who's evening is changed when a Tiger decides to visit for Tea. Based on the time honoured and beautifully charming book by the late Judith Kerr, the animation is delightful in its faithfulness to the original book as drawn by the author. It is beautiful and heart warming in its simplicity. A must watch for families and anyone that grew up knowing the story of Tiger.

  • A tribute to Judith Kerr's beautiful story by 10

    Any negative reviews clearly don't know the story. It's a tribute to the original. Elaborating and extending the story just enough to make it a watchable film without detracting from the original at all.

    The animation is just like the book. So subtle, the fading in and out of the background is great.

    The voices suit each character beautifully and the original music score fits really well. The song performed by Robbie Williams was a nice surprise.

    My 2 year old was enraptured by it from start to finish. We loved it.

  • Colourful fun at tea time by 7

    'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' did have a good deal going for it from the outset. It was based on a story that has immense charm to it. It had Benedict Cumberbatch and David Oyelowo in the voice cast, and both have done great work elsewhere (know from his scene-stealing voice work for Smaug in 'The Hobbit' films that Cumberbatch does voice acting very well). My love for animation, of all styles and decades, has been lifelong.

    Watching it earlier today, there was no doubt in my mind that 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' would be good and it was more than good. It was great and one of the little gems of the festive season, in a period where good and more programmes were the ones not hyped as much as the ones advertised fairly frequently and varied in success. 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' is perfect for the whole family, something that knew exactly what it wanted to be and what it wanted to do without trying to do anything more than necessary.

    It is beautifully animated, simple but never simplistic with colourful storybook illustration-wise images. The character design for the tiger is suitably majestic. The music is funky and vibrant, with a music number that sticks in the mind for a long time and is toe-tapping. Even if it does go on a little too long. The script generates the right amount of laughs and awws, the writing not using too complicated language for younger audiences while not being too childish for adults. So it is great at appealing to children and adults alike.

    Same goes with the story, which is a slight one but it is never dull, and is very charming and sweet and like a storybook come to life. It is faithful to the source material and maintains all its charm and fun, especially once it properly gets going when the tiger appears.

    All the characters are endearing, Sophie avoids not being cloying and her friendship with the tiger (who rightly steals the show) is enough to raise a smile. The voice acting is neither too hyperactive or too cute, the lion's share going to Clara Ross and she's very appealing as Sophie.

    Concluding, great. 9/10

  • A great adaptation of the book by 10

    Beautiful animation, great voice acting and true to the original source material

  • Colourful and Charming! by 10

    I just finished watching this short film on Channel 4 and despite not knowing much about the book, I loved this short film, it was charming, beautifully animated, along with a catchy song and great voice acting as well!, the story is simple, a Tiger comes to tea and eats a lot of the food at Sophie's house, which is both funny and can make you hungry also!.

    The characters have this simple yet delightful look to them especially the tiger who looks amazing, his movements are smooth and the backgrounds and the way the camera moves is imagine and captivating.

    I love the voice acting with some big names like David Walliams, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tamsin Greg, they both fit very well into their roles and I can easily see why!.

    The music is catchy, full of personality and beautiful to listen to!.

    So overall?, the Tiger Who Came to Tea is a simple, charming, colourful, catchy and amazing short film based on the book, this is a must watch for the whole family and a nice film for the children to watch!.

    I will easily give the Tiger Who Came to Tea a 10/10!.

1David Arnoldcomposer
2Robin Shawdirector
3Camilla Deakinproducer
4Ruth Fieldingproducer
5Joanna Harrisonwriter
6Judith Kerrwriter