The Utah Cabin Murders (\N)

  • Genre: Crime
  • Release year: \N (2019-09-03)
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: The Utah Cabin Murders
  • Voted: 250
The Utah Cabin Murders is a movie starring Dennis Farrin, Derek Nelson, and Tiffany Ceri. Two sisters fight for survival when masked intruders invade their vacation cabin.
  • A tense atmosphere 9/5/2019 12:00:00 AM by brucenolan-26404 7

    The low budget nature of the movie taking place mostly in one cabin gives this a claustrophobic tense atmosphere. But the best part of the movie is the killers being played as normal convicts rather than indestructible slasher movie bogey men. One of them is not as enthusiastic about the chaos as the other one who is a sexual deviant and there's as much tension between them as there is between the killers and family members. That was an interesting way to go and makes it a little less predictable than the usual home invasion stuff. The movie takes a while to get going but once it does it becomes compelling but very uncomfortable viewing as the men taunt and murder family members. The acting by the cast playing the family in the hostage scenes is top notch and it makes for a disturbing experience. Can't say I enjoy seeing people suffer but as drama it was effective.

  • Terrible 9/8/2019 12:00:00 AM by scarlettimogen 1

    The acting was comical, no sense of threat despite the horrific circumstances, it's almost like a school of the most amateur films I've seen in a very very long time

  • So Deeply, Deeply Boring 9/4/2019 12:00:00 AM by ManchesterMatthew 1

    Good grief, this is one boring film!

    This acting is abysmal and people engage in one monotonous, tedious monologue after the next.

    So much talking. So little interest in anything they have to say.

    Avoid like the plague.

  • Wanted to like this movie.... 9/8/2019 12:00:00 AM by griffinbonacci 2

    Well, let me start out by saying, the true events this movie is based on happened here in my state. And the people were from the same city as me. I also remember how big of a news story this was when I was a kid.

    So I thought this would be an interesting movie. And it could have been. EXCEPT:

    First the pacing of this movie is absolutely dismal! It feels like an effort in film slow motion. And it is abysmally painful at times to sit through.

    The acting is third rate. Yeah, it is that bad. I have worked on multiple films myself (My State has a fairly active film industry) and even our productions have 1st class acting compared to this!

    Also, this was not shot in Utah and I can tell you, the terrain looks NOTHING like Utah! As friendly of a environment as Itah is supposed to be to productions and the fact this film shows a $1 million dollar budget, I don't know what the hell that money was spent on! As a film maker myself, I can tell you, if I had had $1 million dollars to make this film, it would have been worlds better in quality than this production!

    As the other review says, don't waste your time. This story had the potential to be a very interesting story. But this is as bland as Utah jello!

  • Details still matter? 9/7/2019 12:00:00 AM by cfossilman 3

    While not trying to discredit the seriousness of the true story line, how does one have a landscape of fully leaved trees in Utah at Christmas time? The landscape resembles the summertime English countryside where it was filmed, not the near desert conditions of Utah.

1Andrew Jonesdirector