The Wake of Light (\N)

The Wake of Light (\N)
  • 65
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: The Wake of Light
  • Voted: 65

The Wake of Light is a romantic drama about Mary (played by Rome Brooks), a young woman grappling between the deep-felt responsibility in caring for her aging father and their broken down farm and her newfound feelings for Cole, a charismatic young man (played by Matt Bush) passing through town on the way to see the Grand Salt Flats in Utah, who falls for her and asks her to join him on his journey. In confronting the heart-rending choice to leave her father and journey with Cole, Mary is forced to confront the real issue keeping her from having a life of her own.

1Matt BushCole
2Paula RhodesCole's Ex
3Tyler SteelmanRussell
4Sandra SeelingLaura
  • Sweet and thoughtful by 10

    We saw this film at the Culver City Film Festival and got to meet the film maker Renji Phillip and star Rome Brooks. The film is a sweet and thoughtful picture of love and hope. Go see this film !

  • A Special Film by 9

    My husband and I saw this film at the KC Film Festival. It's one you won't want to miss. The story is well written and draws you in. It's an in-depth insight to the life of a caregiver for an elderly parent. Rome Brooks does an excellent job of showing us her devotion to her father, and her needs for herself. So true to life.

  • A sweet and gentle romance by 9

    We begin the film on a soft, gentle and quirky walk through a small town in California as we follow a lady selling fresh well water to the thirsty. The town is like a lot of rural America; dilapidated buildings alongside the loyal citizenry who hang on to the rural dream. The town struggles to gentrify without losing the rustic charm. We follow this lady to her home at the end of the day and discover she's the caretaker for a scary-looking giant, her father, who's been debillitated by some medical trauma. The lady is an inspiration, always the optimist, dedicated to family, carving out a minimal existence and getting by just fine. One day is like any other and has been for years until she crosses paths with a wanderer whose car broke down in her town. She's the reluctant one. He's the relentless one as they try to find romance without getting hurt. Unlike so many 'romances,' the story ends in an unusual but very satisfying way. I won't spoil it for you.

  • A must see by 10

    Although I have been in this business for nearly 30 years, in a variety of capacities, I rarely take the time to watch movies or TV...unorthodox, I'm certain, but when I happened to take in this film, I had so much gratitude!

    WOW what a wonderful story of relationships with a not-so-typical ending.

    This is a drama that people would LOVE to see. This beautifully crafted story PROVES that drama doesn't need to be "heavy" in order to reach in and touch me, and all who take the chance of fate to watch.

    Well shot, well lit, well scored on top of allowing us to see BEAUTIFUL SOULFUL JOURNEYS of these people with which so many will identify.

    Rome Brooks, Matt Bush, William Lige Morton, Renji Philip and the rest of crew and cast WOW! Showing curiosity and self exploration with the "discovery", of answers already floating within, was masterful!

    This quality film rivals ANY big budget production, in content and quality, EASILY.

    I look forward to any future projects this team produces.

  • A deeply moving and beautiful film. by 9

    I was fortunate to see a studio screening of this film in Los Angeles. The quiet strength and grace in the portrayal of Mary by Rome Brooks is the rock that anchors this movie deep in my heart. A film rich in humanity and love that is beautifully shot and acted by everyone involved. Matt Bush and William Morton are brilliant as well. Please see this film.

1Rainer Lipskicinematographer
2Josh Mancellcomposer
3Renji Philipdirector
4Matthew Diezeleditor