The Wave I Ride (2015)

The Wave I Ride (2015)
  • 10
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2015 ()
  • Running time: 99 min
  • Original Title: The Wave I Ride
  • Voted: 10

THE WAVE I RIDE is a surfing documentary that explores the raw human experience, inspiring viewers to look within their own story. Paige Alms grew up on the island of Maui, where the water was always part of her everyday life, and took up surfing at the age of nine. With boldness in her heart and one of the world's biggest surf spots in her backyard, it was inevitable that Paige would conquer any wave the ocean sent her way. Now 26, Paige has become Maui's big wave ambassador, living her humble life dedicated to her passion. Most recently in 2014, Paige, nominated for the Billabong XXL Women's Performance Award, is one of the few who has successfully paddled into the wave at Jaws.

  • Enjoyable but lack of content. by 6

    The documentary is mainly about Paige Alms a woman big wave surfer. All what is filmed about this woman and her friends, is about her life in Hawa?.While it is enjoyable to watch because these people have a great life fuelled with passion and are talking very well about themselves, the film is lacking of big wave surfing, which is mainly why you would watch this in the first place.There is maybe 15 min of surfing and the rest is blah blah blah.If you like surf and this kind of lifestyle, you will like this movie, it is quite intimate, sometime feeling like if you are looking at a family movie.Otherwise if you are expecting a lot of huge waves in different spots of the world, this movie is mostly only talking about it, and there is a lack of content. At the end, you get some nice waves and you can feel that this was the work of someone passionate by the subject.Do not expect too much, but sit and enjoy a good relaxing moment, looking some cool people living the dream.

1Kristen Baumcomposer
2Devyn Bissondirector
3Jennifer Mayereditor
4Josh Walkerproducer
5Eric McEnteewriter