The Wrong Path (\N)

The Wrong Path (\N)
  • 117
  • TV-14
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: The Wrong Path
  • Voted: 117

A small town electrician with anger issues gets extreme therapy from a noted Pyschiatrist, Dr. Eric Peselowe, but is soon framed for a robbery and then a murder. Even with the help of Dr. Peselowe's female assistant Bonnie, he soon learns to trust no one but himself and becomes entrapped in a web of deceit, greed and corruption.

1C. Thomas HowellDr. Eric Peselowe
2Drew MoerleinJack Brenner
3Abigail HawkBonnie Gredell
4Gene GabrielDetective Devlin
5Vince OddoCharles
6Sal RendinoWally
7Artie PasqualeNero
8Joseph D'OnofrioBruno
  • A uniquely riveting murder mystery! by 10

    Loved the whole original concept and plot of the movie! Was intricately written to the point that you had no idea of the outcome. For a low budget movie, it was very well done! I may have preferred a slightly different outcome, but overall, I loved the cast and thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

  • Suspense plot with twists and turns by 10

    This movie reminded me of a film noir with an innocent man framed for murder and all the other characters each have a different motive that keep you in suspense. I had to pay attention as there are many twists and turns and surprises. C. Thomas Howell is excellent as always and Drew Moerlein and Abigail Hawk of Bluebloods are great in their big roles. All the actors play their roles solid. The movie kept me guessing to the end which I like.

  • a plot far... by 4

    Too complex to handle for such a lowbudget, small production company, is my first , second and last thought. They give it a try but do just reach to cover the mere basics of it. Complete that with b and c- division far away from hollywood - actors and finalice the wholesomeness of a product with z-division musical score, then you fall on my four precious stars of goodwill just to cover some of the hardships of making a movie at all.

    Because there are a story within the realms of comprehence, but its like the mole in the carnival machine, they head the paths of the story up in such incoherent lineup that you miss every try to hit the moles head. Because there are many strains to handle, and the sense of whereabouts, the timeline and caracterbuild up undergoes the chemical abration that happens to the zinc anodes at the bulk of a ship in salt water. The editing has had a turmoil of material to cut and glue, and the hit , run, guns and crushing beer bottles at your enemys face comes and vanish so fast that its more of a joke than thrilling.

    So a basic production, and acting that couldve been good for the innocent newbie, but far under the average from these actors thinks the seasoned amateur grumpy old man. Even though some fights seems real, you can actually hear the coactor command his buddy to ''go on,kick him, man'', that shouldnt be nessecary i think. So are there anyone able to carry this coffin on their shoulders? Well the doctorcaracter and the main male caracter mr brenner are strong enough to carry this till its final place of rest, which is in the ''bold but yet forgotten bin''. But head on to the next project, its a filler if out of alternatives for a nightshift worker.

  • GREAT ACTING!!! by 10

    I absolutely loved this film. Non-stop who done it. Kept me invested and intrigued the whole time. Good script because I didn't see the ending coming.

  • What a great movie! by 10

    This film locks on to one's consciousness instantly, monopolizing it as totally as an autopilot, and does not relax until the bitter-sweet end. Tommy Howell was fabulous as his co stars were too. Really good film.

1Eros Cartechinicomposer
2Andrew Damon Henriquesdirector