The Yukon Assignment (2017)

The Yukon Assignment (2017)
  • 116
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 86 min
  • Original Title: The Yukon Assignment
  • Voted: 116

The Yukon Assignment Synopsis: British adventurer Chris Lucas (34) and his actor father Niall (64), depend on each other for survival, as they canoe down one of the remotest rivers in Canada. The Yukon Assignment is a breathtaking exploration of one of the earth's last wildernesses and the story of how adventure can sometimes bring us together, irrespective of age.

  • "Wait a minute, look, Isn't that Lionel Messi and Spike Milligan?" by 10

    Said the ebullient bear to the lackadaisical caribou

  • An Inspiring Film by 10

    Imagine sorting out everything you need to take for a 500 mile, unsupported, adventure through the Yukon wilderness in a canoe. Then add on all the camera kit, lenses, batteries, chargers and storage needed to film it. And then go and do it with no external backup at all.

    Chris and Niall have created a fantastic documentary about real adventure, relationships, the meaning of life and the beauty of the natural world, and done it all without a backup crew, cameramen, audio guys, makeup, helicopters, safety teams and the rest of the usual support.

    Roll over Bear Grills and your "Oh look, I'm at least 200m from the hotel now and there's a bear a mile away from me... ooooh". This is an honest, heart-warming adventure with no false tension and drama. It's reality TV in its most pure form: Two men, all their kit - including Niall's pillow - all their cameras and all their determination bundled up into one great adventure film.

  • Really refreshing by 10

    A film that makes one want to get up and go.

    Came across this by accident on amazon prime. At first i thought it was a very low budget film, but soon you are engulfed with the majestic of the Yukon. Came away from watching it wanting to do the same, but then not wanting to face all the dangers and deadly challenges that faced them. This is a low budget film, filmed by one individual which makes it even more impressive. No support crew or back up following them along their journey, just a father, a son a few bears, wolves, caribou and the Yukon.

  • Loved it! by 10

    This was a beautiful heart warming story; I loved the meandering conversation between Chris and Niall, and found Niall to be really quite amusing. The scenery was stunning and the journey inspirational. We watched it as a family and all loved it.

  • Heart-Warming Bonding meets Northern Wilderness by 9

    What a wonderful film for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you come to it for the story of bonding between father and son or the stunning vistas of the Yukon Territory you will not be disappointed. Both Chris and Niall are wonderful on camera and the filming manages to be both skillful while maintaining the sense of raw adventure that grounds the experience.

1Daniel Benneycomposer
2Charlie Frippproducer
3Chris Lucasself
4Niall Lucasself