To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale (2005)

To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale (2005)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2005 ()
  • Running time: 167 min
  • Original Title: To Tulsa and Back: On Tour with J.J. Cale
  • Voted: 153

There's not really a plot, since this is a Documentary. In my opinion, it's a very good, very entertaining, documentary of the second half of the 2004 JJ Cale Band tour. I'm Rocky, the piano player in the band. It's really accurate, factual and honest. Cale has somehow got a reputation as a recluse, which is undeserved. The fact is: he has always avoided fame, since he thinks, correctly, that fame gets in the way of freedom and friendship. For this film, he set that aside and stepped out for his fans and friends. The John Cale I have known since 1957 is the John Cale you will see in this film. Many of the mysteries people have been curious about are made plain, even the true story of where the nickname "JJ" came from (the story in the various "Histories of Rock" is inaccurate). There's plenty of really good concert footage and some charming episodes of just John, doodling on guitar and singing his songs, in parking lots and back rooms. You will get to know the supporting cast, from ...

  • Awesome Documentary by 10

    I'm somewhat prejudiced, since I'm in the film, as the piano player with the Cale Band, but even allowing for that, I still think it's magnificent. If they allowed me to vote even higher than ten, I would. JJ Cale has been an enigma to most of his fans, a mystery, for years. This documentary changes that. The crew from Kick Films really captured the real JJ Cale, not an easy task. I have been playing with Cale off and on since 1957 and the JJ Cale I know is the one you'll see in this film. The DVD has now been released in the USA, on 13 June, 2006 and has been available as a region two DVD in England, Germany and Australia since late 2005. This Documentary is not to be missed!

  • A must have for people who like JJ Cale or Clapton style of music by 9

    When I went to the store and saw this DVD I knew it wouldn't leave my hands anymore. And I must say it's really a great DVD. It's not a rental DVD over here so people will only have the chance to buy it. It's a docu of a great man with LOTS of music. It's a DVD all big stars should have because the man stays with both feet firmly on the ground. It also shows what a great guitar player and performer the man is, so beginning artist or even advanced ones should take a look at this DVD too. The feeling I had after seeing this DVD was that the MAN himself is the style, his music is not a style but a lifestyle. I thought he was great, but he's far greater than I thought. A great opportunity for people like me out of Belgium who will never see the man live to see a man in action where all those other great ones got the juice from. It's worth every penny(Euro) I paid for it.

  • captures the man perfectly by 10

    i got the DVD as a xmas gift from a good friend and man what a gift it is! i always liked his music very much but i knew virtually nothing about the person john cale. this film captures him perfectly. it is slow paced, unobtrusive and just lets the man and his friends speak. and what a sweet man he is. he is a very mature human being, humble, straight, has clear opinions and seems to be a very loving person. very simple and down-to-earth. watching this documentary was a 2-hour celebration. and i'd think not just for die-hard fans of j.j. cale, because it shows - as i said already - a very simple, smart, humble and loving human being. it makes you believe in the human spirit again. great camera work, editing and sound. a REALLY good documentary. 10 out of 10.

  • Great documentary showing JJ Cale in a different light by 9

    Having been allowed behind the scene access during this tour, I have to say that everything you see in these videos truly portrays JJ Cale in the most accurate way possible.

    The film moves slow, sometimes to the point of boring. But, that's the "laid back" feel you're supposed to get. Waiting for a train to pass, sitting in a parking lot playing guitar. This is the calm, relaxed way John leads his life. Definitely something to look up to considering his financial wealth.

    The interviews with Eric Clapton are great. He puts Cale on a pedestal (so to say) and credits him properly. I admire that.

    This film has finally been released in the US as well and definitely worth a look for those interested in the Tulsa Sound, the roots of popular music, and of course, JJ Cale himself.

  • Excellent documentary by 8

    Just watched this DVD, having got it for Christmas, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was expecting a basic concert film with maybe a couple of backstage scenes - you know the sort of thing - but this is far more than that. It's a proper documentary, running through Cale's career, including old photos and film and anecdotes, as well as visits to old haunts in Tulsa and interviews with his entourage and his long-serving tour band. Eric Clapton also makes regular affectionate contributions throughout.

    All through the film J J Cale comes across as the cool and relaxed guy one would expect from his legend, but he's also got a constant twinkle in his eye and a smile and a handshake for everyone.

    There's actually only a handful of live songs with the full band, which surprised me, but there's music playing all the way through and there's plenty of footage of just Cale and a guitar, which is plenty satisfying for me.

    Definitely recommended to any fan, past, present or future.