Top Gear (2002)

Top Gear (2002)
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  • TV-PG
  • Genre: Talk-Show
  • Release year: 2002 ()
  • Running time: 60 min
  • Original Title: Top Gear
  • Voted: 106041

Top Gear is a British television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and is a relaunched version of the original 1977 show of the same name, airing since 2002, and becoming the most widely watched factual television programme in the world.

1Perry McCarthyThe Stig
  • Used to be incredible; Ruined by terrible new hosts by 7

    Chris Harris is brilliant and is the only true car guy -- he knows his stuff and his passion comes right through the screen... his back must be in tremendous pain from carrying this show by himself.

    The other two -- Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff -- are painful to watch. Their voices are annoying, they're sometimes hard to understand, and they're just not funny. There is no chemistry with these guys, no character buildup or development, and no reason to care. The old trio (Clarkson, May, Hammond) were friends -- and enemies -- and there was conflict and resolution. It's like Paddy and Freddie were just two generic bodies swapped in to host... which is likely what happened.

    In the old Top Gear, there were moments were you had to suspend some disbelief as to whether certain vehicles were truly built by the hosts or whether certain things happened on their adventures... but at least you felt they were somehow deeply involved... in the new Top Gear everything is unbelievable. Again, aside from Chris, they're not car experts or handy guys.

    It would be the exact same show if you had Chris driving/competing along with the camera guys or other Top Gear staffers.

    To be fair, the other hosts post Clarkson/May/Hammond and before this crew were a mixed bag... but a moot point since they are no longer hosting.

    Aside from the hosts, the writing/ideas feels a bit unoriginal but again, I'm wondering if that's partially or fully due to the current hosts. The production quality is still top notch with access to quality vehicles, beautiful cinematography, etc., but I don't think that's enough to save this show as that is not a point of differentiation anymore today with other shows on the air or online.

  • How to lose friends and bore people by 3

    (Old crew 9 Stars)

    The dearly departed trio had chemistry in spades, and sadly the new guys can't even begin to compete. Granted they try hard, but it would have been better to completely revamp the show rather than try to resurrect the old.

    Watching these otherwise talented actors is like watching someone try to light soggy newspaper with wet matches.

    Hang up the driving gloves boys and find something to make your own rather than living in the shadow of giants. The real Top Gear has gone to a better place, and lo its name is Amazon.

  • Was so much better by 4

    OK apparently you can't use "trigger" words for a review. This show had 22 consecutive seasons with high review, then one of the actors had an altercation with what must have been upper management. They fired the actor, his fellow actors stood by the original. They got rid of the original three and instead decided to have a boring show where tractor equipment is discussed regularly. It's boring, less creative, less fun and frankly just worst. Every season before the switch I give a 10/10. The new.... Gotta be a 4. While it has entertaining bits it's just lacking. The fact that BBC will decide to lose the key components to a show that generated over 20 seasons because some higher up guy got his feelings hurt is observed. To that guy I say man up, so you got hit, big whoop, throwing away what has to be one of the most successful shows for it, is just frankly stupid. Congrats.

  • end of a great show!! by 9

    if u love cars u're definitely going to fall in love with show from the very first season. i can still remember vividly when there was Jason Dawes instead of James may now.. i fell in love with this from the very beginning..i mean i had to download the whole seasons. i watched each and every episodes. watched it for long 6 years.. i taught me more about cars and motoring than i would ever learn..specially from Jeremy, Richard and James...loved their friendship, their jokes, their nasty little laughs, their explanation or should i say exploration of cars. their reviews about the cars are still the best than any other top gears. i m sure there are plenty of top gears now...starting from Australia to Zimbabwe. it rips my heart to see my favorite show ends in this way..such a tiny little matter turned into a big wasn't necessary..but we know all good things should come to an end so thats it i guess.but top gear will be missed!! I'm sure as hell going to miss it...

  • Hilarious show! Then the BBC fired Clarkson. by 10

    This show was absolutely amazing when Clarkson, May and Hammond were hosting. It was great! I watched this with my dad and we both found it absolutely hilarious, I'm a big fan of Clarkson (not his politics) and he just brought the humour along with Hammond and May. When the BBC fired Clarkson they shouldn't have kept it going as it lost all that was good about it. Me and my dad watched an episode of Chris Evans hosting top gear - TRASH. Matt LeBlanc hosting - Not one laugh in the entire episode. Stick with Clarkson, May and Hammond.