Tripping with Nils Frahm (2020)

Tripping with Nils Frahm (2020)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 87 min
  • Original Title: Tripping with Nils Frahm
  • Voted: 340

An iconic artist at an iconic location. This concert film captures several mesmerizing live performances from the renowned German composer and producer Nils Frahm at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin. Expect soaring ambient and neo-classical piano from one of the greatest contemporary musicians around.

  • Thansk for Brad Pitt & Mubi by 10

    What is art, what is an artist. Nils Frahm is the answer to all these questions. I watched this man live three times. I'm still excited to see him. This production is a typical concert movie. The incredible camera usage is admirable. We should also thank Brad Pitt for providing us with this work. So he is also a Nils Frahm fan. I was also very happy for this. They had already worked together in Ad-Astra.

  • One of the best things that can happen in 2020! I am tripping... by 9

    I was at two of the shows shown here, and the film captures well how special it felt to be there. Seeing him live is always a pretty ecstatic, illuminating experience, and this made me feel like I was back there, in 2018. Also captures quite well how special and incredible Funkhaus is. Easily my favorite venue in the entire world. Anyway, it's a wonderful film.

  • Gorgeous in every way by 10

    Beautiful capturing of an outstanding artist at work. Some of the reviews I read on the MUBI site were very critical. In a way it is understandable - if you have no understanding of music technology it may be difficult to appreciate just how difficult it is to pull this off in a live context. Bravo Nils and the production team for an amazing job.

  • Breathtakingly beautiful by 9

    Puts you directly back to your own live experience if you had the privilege of it. For all others it's nothing less than the best equivalent to it - particularly in times of Covid. A great performance by a genius musician brilliantly captured. Highly recommended!

  • Woah! by 10

    Beautiful! Wonderful! Amazing! The sound quality is fantastic. The direction is brilliant. And the artist, well, absolutely tremendous! Such passion, such finesse. Please watch :)

1Thomas Lalliercinematographer
2Benoit Toulemondedirector
3Leslie Lagiereditor
4Felix Grimmproducer
5Nils Frahmself