Trojan War (1997)

Trojan War (1997)
  • 5755
  • PG-13
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 1997 ()
  • Running time: 84 min
  • Original Title: Trojan War
  • Voted: 5755

Brad thinks he has found the girl of his dreams with Brooke. On the night when he thinks all of his dreams will come true, he runs into a problem, no condom. On his search to find one, he realizes that maybe it isn't worth the trouble. Brad is robbed, beaten up, arrested, and everything else imaginable trying to get just one condom. His best friend Leah is disgusted at his behavior, because she wants Brad all to herself and can't see why Brad would want someone like Brooke. Will Brad find what he wants or will Leah get what she has always wanted, Brad?

1Will FriedleBrad Kimble
2Jennifer Love HewittLeah Jones
3Marley SheltonBrooke Kingsley
4Danny MastersonSeth
  • Fast paced John Hughes Style romp by 7

    A fun little film in the mould of the great 1980's teen comedies which used to star the likes of Rob Lowe, John Cusack and Ally Sheedy!! This film is enjoyable from the off, although the subject may be a little touchy as it centres on a High School youth (Will Friedle) who desperately fancies the school beauty (Marley Shelton)and somehow manages to arrange a study date with her at her house. After a while things progress well enough until he finds himself without a condom!. Where can he get one from at this time?, can he get back while she is still interested?, his journey takes him all over the city and gets him in to some side-splittingly funny situations and scenarios along the way. Stand out is Jennifer Love Hewitt as Friedles best friend who is madly in love with him without him realising!

  • Cute little JLH vehicle by 9

    This cute little film had one primary purpose: provide more exposure for Jennifer Love Hewitt, and encourage folks to watch her disappointing "Last Summer" flicks at the multiplex.

    Well, something went terribly wrong with that simple plan, because along the way an amazingly enjoyable film got made. Will Friedle (of TV's "Boy Meets World, and at the time JLH's real-life boyfriend) plays a likable high school student who lucks out when the adorable little blonde he's tutoring (the sadly underexposed Marley Shelton) decides to give him a break.

    As he frantically takes Los Angeles apart searching for a condom (yes, that's what "Trojan" in the title refers to) his best bud JLH is realizing she wants to be more than just friends. Aside from the horrible case of envy I developed (Will Friedle got to kiss JLH both on and off-screen!) I had a lot of fun watching the result.

    If you're a parent, the additional good news is that this is one of the few flicks out there (surprisingly) in which the characters don't jump into bed without practising safe sex. That shows that at least there's SOME hope for Hollywood.

  • This movie would've been better 10 years ago. by 7

    If this movie was supposed to be a typical plotline 80's teenage throwaway film, it missed its audience. The "Austin" nametag on Lee Major's police uniform went over the heads of anyone who wasn't born before 1974. I caught this flick on HBO about three months ago. I thought Lee Majors as a cop was funny (named Austin a.k.a. Steve Austin from the "Six Million Dollar Man"). But I'm sure it didn't register with those who actually cared to see this film with the very attractive Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • Pretty Good by 7

    IF your looking for like a short teen oriented comedy this one is good, it some of the jokes are kind of stupid but still funny its basically about Brad played by Will Fridele, and he finally gets to hook up with the girl he's had a crush on for a long time, but it turns out she's really using him to mess with her real Boyfriend, and of course there's the "Best friend girl" played by JLH. Normally with these kinds of plots the guy after wooing his dream girl chooses the best friend with the whole brains over beauty scenario, and it usually annoys me but this time so the best friend is played by JLH so it's really a win-win situation for Brad. So in short I really liked this movie especially with the comedic plot if your looking for like a serious movie this isn't for you, but if you like just want to hang out and watch a teen comedy with some over the top humor(yet still funny) this movie is a great choice.

  • One of the better "teen movies" out there by 7

    It's a shame when there is a good movie and it never makes it in theaters. That's what happened with TROJAN WAR, it's a charming movie about a guy who is in love with a living, breathing barbie doll. Since the very day he first laid his eyes on her, his breath was taken away. Trying to achieve the one thing he has wanted to do forever, the movie centers on Brad's wild adventures all to get a condom. Along the way he encounters some of the strangest people ever to walk the face of the earth. In this some times over the top film, BOY MEETS WORLD funny man, Will Friedle plays Brad. He is very funny in this role. It is a stretch from his role on WORLD. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the role of his best friend, who is in love with Brad. This is one of her best movies. Love's acting ability has never been a question, but this performance is one of her best, while it is not Oscar worthy, she embraces the character and took a simple role and owned it. Marley Shelton gets throw in the mix as the "eye candy", her role as Brooke has been done before. Although she is a good actress, this part could be played by anyone. The same has to be said for Eric Balfour, who is supposed to be the "Big" man on campus. There is nothing great about his performance. To add some comic spice, Danny Masterson and Jason Marsden play two strange teenagers trying to find that one special girl. Kathy Griffin has a small, but funny role. All of the acting is good. It could be worse, example Drive Me Crazy. The music only adds to the movie. All of the songs in some way find their place in the movie. TROJAN WAR is a fun film with laughs and even some touching moments. It's a story about wanting more, but not seeing what's right in front of you. Like the tagline say's, she has 24 hours to convince the guy of her dreams that she's the girl of his. It's a story for anyone who has been in love, a story about growing up, and a story about finding yourself and losing your head along the way. All in all it gets 3.5 stars out of 4.

1Dean Semlercinematographer
2George S. Clintoncomposer
3George Huangdirector
4Charles Gordonproducer
5Andy Burgwriter
6Scott Myerswriter