Troubleshooters (1971)

Troubleshooters (1971)
  • 362
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 1971 ()
  • Running time: 100 min
  • Original Title: Laisse aller... c'est une valse
  • Voted: 362

The day he is released from jail, Serge is expected by four killers sent by Count Charles Varèse assigned to make him confess where he has hidden the jewels stolen during his last stickup. On the other hand the police inspector who arrested him offers him protection on condition he gives him the same piece of information. Serge refuses and is about to be tortured by Varèse's henchmen when Michel, a friendly hood, comes to his rescue. His friendship will result in... a heap of corpses!

1Jean YanneSerge Aubin
2Mireille DarcCarla
3Bernard BlierCommissaire Caillaud
4Michel ConstantinMichel
  • la fin d'un genre by 3

    It's supposed to be witty but it is often languishing. It's meant to be funny but it's often thick.

    Only a few dialogs can vaguely salvage this Turkey, a few lines by some seriously good actors; Bernard Blier is excellent, Jean Yann and Mireille Darc as well.

    This movie is the end of a line born in the 50's, a line which had its days and its myths, a line which went into decadence in the 70's, with movies like this one. Mobsters are no longer funny, witty and amusing, the spoofs of "films noirs" became boring before they disappeared. This is the end of a world...

1Maurice Fellouscinematographer
3Phil Steelecomposer
4Georges Lautnerdirector
5Roger Debelmasproducer
6Bertrand Blierwriter