Unbound (2017)

Unbound (2017)
  • 175
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: Unbound
  • Voted: 175

Julius Fonteneau has decided to take the law into his own hands after his daughter has gone missing. His only friend supports him while his wife resents him and the police are growing suspicious of his intentions. He must determine right from wrong and make the ultimate decision to kill the man he believes to have taken his daughter.

1Daniel O'SheaJulius Fonteneau
2Debra ToscanoMarcia Fonteneau
3Michael Robert AndersonStanly Peters
4Dan ThorpPhil Lanco
  • You know the movie is really bad when... by 1

    ...all 6 current reviews are bogus. Thus even the filmmakers have no faith in this film, which means it's garbage, so don't waste your time

  • I should have been paid to watch this movie. . . . by 1

    . . . but even then, I may not have finished it. They would need to start me at 350 per hour. And that would include the 15 mins I watched already.I expected it to be sub-par, but sub, sub, sub, sub par, I was not prepared for.This movie is so bad, that there is no point in mentioning spoliers because it is all spoilt. Start to finish.

  • WOW! If you liked GET OUT, you will love this film! by 9

    Scary, creepy, and wild film with some very fine acting. Great direction and cinematography too. Want to see more films by Rahaman Studios! Well Done!! Carlo Guadagno

  • Fantastic well written gem. by 10

    This film was quite a surprise. A well written and directed film with so much heart and character. The added comedic scenes between the wife and husband and "Friend" was a great play to break up the tension. Daniel O'Shea was amazing, don't know him but love his work. I was very entertained with this independent film, we need more like this. Heart is whats missing and this film delivers.

  • Good watch by 10

    Unbound by Steve Rahaman was a Good film to watch, which perhaps is an understatement. Good cinematography and even better story. Really enjoyed the second and third act of the film, which will leave you in such suspense that you wont even see what's coming. Characters were written out great and you could tell that not only they had chemistry on screen but off screen as well. I'd say that this Film is a definite must see for those who enjoy a good Indie Movie. *****/*****

1Steve Rahamandirector
2Juanita Rahamanproducer