Une Fille Facile (2019)

Une Fille Facile (2019)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2019 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Une Fille Facile
  • Voted: 3020

Na?ma16, daughter of a cleaning lady, is about to join an audition with her best friend Dodo in Cannes. The school year is over. It was then that her 22-year-old cousin Sofia arrives from Paris to spend the holidays with her. She is a young woman with a liberated sexuality and does not hesitate to take advantage of her charms. "Catch the moment" is her main motto. Inseparable, foaming beaches and nightclubs, the two accomplices are quick to meet Andres and Philippe, an art collector and his regular matchmaker. Two rich men invite them to their yacht. Sofia then turns Na?m from her everyday reality to the world of luxury, opulence, haute couture, great restaurants, sumptuous Mediterranean villas. This world where everything seems possible.

  • My way by 5

    Na?ma (Jiang Rong) is almost 16 years old and lives in Cannes at her mother's house. Her family receives the impromptu visit of her Parisian cousin Sofia (Zahia Dehar), a young woman with a silhouette as divine as artificial. Na?ma will spend an unforgettable summer on a luxury yacht along the French Riviera, with Sofia as well as Philippe (Beno?t Magimel) and Andres (Nuno Lopes), two forty-year-old men, wealthy and attractive. Thus, she will get to know herself better and leave her adolescence to finally take life in her own hands.

    The French title, i.e. ? une fille facile ? meaning an 'easy' woman, is deliberately provocative and tantalizing quite as the choice of the deliberately inflammatory Zahia Dehar who was a hot news topic, one decade ago, because of a scandal with a part of the French soccer team using the services of this juvenile call girl. This is slightly misleading. In my humble opinion, the focus is also on Na?ma and a pivotal period of her life thanks to Sofia and Philippe.

    As a postscript,1) The incident with the collector's sextant is far-fetched and particularly disappointing: a real weakness in the script.2) I would personally have imagined the end scene punctuated by the song 'My way' popularized in 1969 by Frank Sinatra. Why? Well, she obviously found it, didn't she?

  • Interesting subject, well done by 7

    The story revolves around two very different cousins, Naima and Sofia. Sofia, the elder of them, 22 as we learn later, decided to make a living as a good time girl. With her great looks, although much enhanced through surgery, she is very successful in getting in contact with rich, elder men. By accepting expensive presents from them and staying for awhile in their circle until the get bored and find a way to get rid of her, she lives well without a regular work.

    This summer of the story she stays with her younger cousin Naima in Cannes where she starts to give Naima little bits of advise how to get around in the world. Naima, only 16 at the time, is rather naive at the beginning, but in the course of the summer, she gets wise to Sofia and starts to see her in a much less admiring light.

    Although the title of the film points to Sofia, it is Naima, who is the more interesting character. Sofia already had made her decision how to tackle life, Naima is drawn between the "glamourous" life, which Sofia seems to lead, and normal friendships like Dodo, a young, probably gay, guy who wants to become an actor. And jobs, as her mother, who works as a maid at a very fancy hotel and restaurant, who offers her an internship at the restaurant's kitchen.

    Naima is for some time very confused by the sudden mixup with the life of two 40 year old men, one the owner of a yacht, the other his paid companion. While the owner Andrè certainly prefers Sofia and soon has sex with her, the other one, Phillipe, is more respectful towards Naima and figures correctly, that she is still a minor, and keeps his distance.

    The whole story is a coming-of-age drama around Naima, who likes her cousin, although she sees things through her, that are shocking.

    I didn't know the background of the actress who played Sofia, but I found she looked perfect for the role. Now I know why. As for the young girl who played Naima, she has the more demanding acting role and she handles it very well. Recommendable film!

  • Sofia is Zahia. by 9

    Zahia's performance is captivating. There is perceived loss of separation between the character of Sofia and what is biographical of Dehar. Zahia is a star, the star of her own life.

  • Summer of sexual awakening by 6

    While at least one of the main actresses in this was about a decade older than the character she portrayed, you almost buy it. And she plays it loose and "innocent". Though most would not call her innocent at all. Not in any sexual way that is, because she really puts herself out there.

    And while she is doing that, her friend is the introvert and able to express herself the same way. Now if you are judging one or the other, that is I reckon fair. But remember that we are all different and we do experience things different. This is about a summer that helps both those girls grow to become the person they end up to be.

    Maybe not highly philosophical, maybe not the best movie, but it is quite the decent one. If you don't mind the occasional nudity and sexual situation depicted here that is of course. Sparsely used but still some may feel "offended"

  • It's like The Room, but not funny by 2

    And I don't have much more to say. Yet another Net-flix find to fit the shallow stream. The formula seems to work fine, surprisingly! I'm worried about the humanity a bit.

1Georges Lechaptoiscinematographer
2Rebecca Zlotowskidirector
3Frédéric Jouveproducer
4Teddy Lussi-Modestewriter