Valley of the Blind (2020)

Valley of the Blind (2020)
  • 13
  • TV-14
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2020 ()
  • Running time: 94 min
  • Original Title: Valley of the Blind
  • Voted: 13

If you like a movie inspired on a true story this is the one to see. On 30th August 1940 Hitler obliged on the Second Vienna Accord that Romania will give 43.942 square kilometers of its territory to Hungary. This accord will change forever the lives of many local communities. THIS IS THEIR STORY. A love story between Sandor, a hot headed, but kind Jewish-Romanian farmer, and Rozalia, a spirited young Romanian, the daughter of the actual head of community. When the city falls under the control of ultra-nationalistic Hungarian mayor, Sandor and Rozalia decide to run away and trying to escape by getting to Romanian territory. Pista, a Hungarian policeman who has been courting Rozalia aggressively but with no success is hunting them down on their attempt to their freedom. On their run we witness trough their yes the violence and the massacres taking place around them in Transylvania. Sandor fights with all his determination to save the woman he loves. For more information regarding film ...

1Oncu Valentin AlinVictor Gorju
2Jurj AndreeaAna
3Viorica BantasAgnes
4Norbert BodaSoldatul árpád
5Gontineac Gheorghe BogdanErafim
6András BuzásiLt. Vasvári Zoltán
  • whoever wrote the synopsis is a bit dumb... by 2

    "On 30th August 1940 Hitler obliged on the Second Vienna Accord that Romania will give 43.942 square kilometers..."

    It is not "Second Vienna Accords", but Second Vienna AWARD!!!

    In 1940 Romania and Hungary were "browbeaten" into accepting Axis arbitration and this is the appelation under which this arbitration had remained in the historical record. Foreign Ministers Joachim von Ribbentrop of Germany and Galeazzo Ciano of Italy met on 30 August 1940 at the Belvedere Palace, in Vienna. They reduced the Hungarian demands to 43,492 square kilometres (16,792 sq mi), with a population of 2,667,007. The treaty was signed by Hungarian Foreign Minister István Csáky and Romanian Foreign Minister Mihail Manoilescu.

    Meanwhile, the Romanian government had acceded to Italy's request for territorial cessions to Bulgaria, another German-aligned neighbor. On 7 September, under the Treaty of Craiova, the "Cadrilater" (southern Dobruja) was returned to Bulgaria.

1Silviu Stavilãcinematographer
2Hasan Nassercomposer
3Ion Ionescudirector
4Ruxandra Mihaieditor