Vivir dos veces (\N)

Vivir dos veces (\N)
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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: \N ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: Vivir dos veces
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2018, City of Valencia (east to Spain). Emilio is a retired academic teacher, widow five years ago of his wife Carmen, who lives the days in a comfortable routine eating in the same bar and solving magic squares in the pastimes until that one day he has difficult to complete the square and confuses the streets to back home. Going to the hospital for a routine medical check, he is diagnosed with the first stage of the Alzheimer's disease, which eventually will delete all his mind and remembers. Just when he leaves the hospital Emilio meets by chance with Julia, his stranded daughter, who works as medical commercial. Noticing about the disease, Julia invites Emilio to a family lunch with his dysfunctional family composed by her husband and his son-in-law Felipe, who tries to be an Internet motivational coach after he was fired of his previous job, and his lame granddaughter Blanca, a 11 years old child as streetwiser as expert in the cell phones and social networks, to consider options ...

1Inma Cuesta\N
2Oscar MartínezEmilio
  • Live Twice, Love Once - Netflix Movie Review by 8

    Live Twice, Love Once is a heartbreaking story, and one that a lot of people (including myself) can relate to. Unfortunately, most of us have experienced a grandparent with Alzheimer's and it can be a painful experience watching them lose the memories that they once held so dear. This film captures the spirit of that incredibly well, as Emilio is slowly forgetting his family and other simple answers which he used to know so well.

    I have a few problems with the script and a couple of plot points were far too convenient for my liking, but nothing is able to affect the emotion I felt whilst watching the relationships between the family develop and deteriorate.

    It was also nice to see the social difference in generations. Emilio, the grandad, is very old-fashioned and doesn't like technology. Blanca, the granddaughter, is constantly absorbed in her phone and doesn't understand how people can live without them, leading to some interesting exchanges. This might come across as stereotypical, but it allows the characters to feel believable and three-dimensional.

    The score is also impressive, and it adds to the emotional beats of the film. A good score won't turn a bad movie into a good movie, but it can help to elevate the scenes and this is one of the best scores that Netflix has offered.

    Like I said, the script isn't all the way there for me but I can't go into details without spoiling some plot points. That might not matter, because I doubt anyone reading this will have ever even heard of the film, but it hit the emotional spots when it needed to and it's a film that I would absolutely recommend.

    SCORE: 77%

  • This Movie is What Makes Netflix so Good by 9

    No shoot 'em up or car chases or violence just a small story about a bunch of people that I enjoyed knowing complementd by utterly beautiful piano music playing throughout the move. I don't speak much Spanish but I understood every word they said because it came from the heart. Thank you Netflix. You're batting 1.000 for the last month. You have nothing to worry about from all the Johnny come latelies littering the airwaves.

  • Watch it twice, love it forever by 9

    How wonderful to watch a movie that crosses over drama, comedy and raises awareness to a very profound medical and social problem! Way to go Netflix!

  • Touching story with a lot of heart by 7

    This film had a lot of heart and was an easy watch. It follows a man with Alzheimer's trying to track down and locate his first love, before he loses those memories along with everything else.

    It made me laugh out loud in parts, and had a feel-good vibe about it, with well-rounded characters. It meandered at times, and while I occasionally found my interest waning, I felt invested enough with the characters to persist. The young Mafalda Carbonell (Blanca) had excellent chemistry with Oscar Martinez (as Emilio) and together they provided many of the laughs and touching moments.

    There are numerous tear-jerker moments - particularly towards the end as things get tied together nicely. Really heartwarming and well acted. It's not groundbreaking, but I definitely recommend it to those after a decent foreign language film.

    "Do you want to come to the beach?"

  • A Film You Can Watch With Your Family by 9

    Reviewers need to get their heads out of their a**es. Just because the star of the film is a professor doesn't mean we're looking for academic reviews. This was a film that spanned 3 generations and did it well. Each thought they knew it all but their interactions, just like life, taught them a thing or two ... about life. The relationship between the grandfather and granddaughter held the most charm. The parents lived in their own little world avoiding all that life threw at them. I could relate to the aging grandfather as well as the young girl. The film had a wonderful pace laced with comedy of all sorts. I highly recommend it. Good family comedy-drama.

1Maria Ripolldirector
2Gustavo Ferradaproducer
3Laura Nortonwriter