Volcanic UFO Mysteries (2021)

Volcanic UFO Mysteries (2021)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: 62 min
  • Original Title: Volcanic UFO Mysteries
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UFO sightings have been a regular world wide phenomenon for decades. Researchers of UFOs have noticed a connection with UFO sightings around Volcanic hot spots across Latin America. Join Stephen Bassett and Jaime Maussan as they discuss a history of sightings. Jaime has been a news journalist in Mexico for over 25 years and Stephen Bassett has been fighting for political disclosure UFOs.

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    Lots of questions. No answers. At least none conclusive. Yet.

    The captivating documentary "Volcanic UFO Mysteries" features video footage of what appear to be flying crafts hovering around, above and disappearing into, active and smoldering volcanoes all about Latin America. Speculation by some observers is that these may be alien ships juicing up with fuel derived from inside these volatile mountains to enable further flight around the world and across the universe.

    And then the film hits us with this eruptive revelation: Reports from mainstream media outlets and the U.S. military itself about unidentified craft (even going so far as suggesting possible aliens within them) somehow disabling nuclear missiles.

    What on earth? Or more aptly, not of our planet at all?

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