West Virginia Stories (2016)

West Virginia Stories (2016)
  • 447
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2016 ()
  • Running time: 88 min
  • Original Title: West Virginia Stories
  • Voted: 447

Three stories examining what it means to live, find connection, deal with trauma, and do more than just exist, in the rural landscape of small mining town in West Virginia.

1Meagan EnglishHannah
2Lindsey HullLeah
3Zachary Ray ShermanRyan
4Ryan StoneMitch
  • Captivating 'slice of life' drama! by 8

    I installed Flex on my Android TV box and clicked around the menus and free offerings, etc and just happened to click on this at random. It's a gem so I'm glad I did. Three different episodes set in one cold, unforgiving location.The first scene is about two men who are out hunting. They stumble on an event and argue over how to deal with it.Second story is about a son who takes his fiance home to meet his dying father.The third tale involves an inquisitive child annoying her grandfather with too many questions!It's a cracking and realistic script propped up by excellent performances. The elegant and haunting soundtrack doesn't hurt, either. Unsentimental and realistic drama.

  • Cool and descent movie just like old friend by 7

    Although no famous movie stars supporting this film,but all the cast are just play their best on their roles.The cold scenery just tell the warmest passion in the small town.Just like a beautiful poem canted slowly.

  • EXCELLENT by 7

    Wife & I enjoyed this movie, it had a nice twist on life, cause-and-effect scenarios.

    We enjoyed the scenery and simple smalltown lifestyle portrayed in this movie kept us glued for 90 minutes well worth a watch.

  • Wow by 3

    I give this three stars simply for the ability of the actors to carry this sad plot without walking out on the movie. I kept waiting for the connection between the three stories, and once it happened there was just no plot! By the time I was fully invested and ready to see where it turned next, the movie was just...over. Worst ending to a movie I have ever seen, that includes Stephen kings Secret Window. I mean, the subplots that you think are important went NOWHERE. I get that small town WV live is supposed to be portrayed as sad, but this is rediculous.

    Save yourselves the 90minutes, you will never get it back. Read the reviews on sites other than IMDB. You have been warned.

  • to watch with tranquility by 6

    Three simple stories without pretense, each with a central point, different but common objective. There are only three stories told with good performances, very good even, a slow movie like the ambient atmosphere. I liked to enter the lives of these simple people without much to say but with something to say, bits of life. I hadn't seen a movie like this in a while. Liked it. It won't be revisited by me but in the meantime I spent a moment living other lives in West Virginia.

1Christopher Thomascomposer
2Jason Boeschdirector
3Preston Petersondirector
4Junie Hildebrandtproducer
5Colleen Kellyproducer
6Richard Moonproducer