What Drives Us (2021)

What Drives Us (2021)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2021 ()
  • Running time: \N min
  • Original Title: What Drives Us
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The movie follows young bands RadKey and Starcrawler who are taking on the world one town at a time, while also telling stories of the biggest artists in the music industry, recalling the romance and adventure, as well as the insanity and chaos, of their own time on the road.

1Henri Cash\N
2Exene Cervenka\N
3Arrow de Wilde\N
4The Edge\N
  • Rock and roll heaven. by 9

    I have watched this documentary and I loved it. It tells you about the early stages of band and how they evolve and what's got into them in this kind of music(which is the great kind of music). And how they got inspired.

    The best thing about this documentary is that it shows that in back days, musicians weren't all about getting record deal and making money. It shows you that it's all about having fun with your friends and band members and having a good time and great experience and spreading love, which is absolutely true.

    I gotta be honest with you that if you're not rock music fan then you may not like it. But i hope someday, someone will show you that what kind of music is really a music. Because it's take some time to digest rock music but once you did, it will change the perspective of everything you see and everything you believe.

    I kinda like the way lars seems funny. ??????

  • Dave grohl by 10

    Dave grohl is the soul of present day rock and roll. I find it interesting he doesn't talk about nirvana anymore. I guess he realizes nirvana is just bigger than everything.. Dave grohl is being a foo fighter rock star wearing a Lacoste shirt. Really! He's cooler than that now. Ha!!

  • ...and that's what drives them! by 9

    Rented it with CODA Collection free 7-day trial on Amazon. Can't wait to purchase on Blu-ray. Dave never fails to stir the right mix of emotions in his documentaries. Loved hearing Violet sing with him at the end. Like the point of the movie - connecting with your audience is living!

  • Yet another nostalgic cash grab. Yawwwwwn. Ya see, this is what happens when Spotify takes over.. Daniel Ek and Sean Parker = Piracy and death of the independent creative pro. by 1

    Genius how Daniel Ek and Sean Parker (Spotify = Napster/uTorrent v2.0) managed to fool the masses into supporting their 'create the virus and provide the cure' scheme. In 2018 when Spotify went public, each of the owners (Ek, Parker, 3 major labels..) instantly received multi-billion dollar CASH payments. They just paid Joe Rogan $100,000,000. For a fn talkie podcast! And still, Spotify is literally actually suing musicians, indie record labels, rights organizations, the government itself and the almighty end all be all customers... devalue and destroy everything, swoop in, take over and take control.. global domination. 30% of all songs on Spotify have NEVER been steamed even one time. 98.6% of the world's artists average LESS than $12 per month in streaming royalties. On and on and on. Our current and future generations of quality indie professional creative arts are done and dusted (as is clearly presented and evident in this film). It's all about ads, clicks and data now. Thanks Silicon Valley!

    So to all you supporters, I say, enjoy your mandatory "diverse" all-you-can-eat garbage paint-by-numbers buffet style mobile phone "free" content subscription packages. You deserve this level of crap entertainment, now and forever.

1Todd Bellcinematographer
2Jessica Youngcinematographer
3Bryan Lee Browncomposer
4Dave Grohldirector
5John Ramsayproducer
6James A. Rotaproducer