What the Health (2017)

What the Health (2017)
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  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 97 min
  • Original Title: What the Health
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What the Health is a ground breaking feature length documentary from the award-winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, that follows the exciting journey of intrepid filmmaker, Kip Andersen, as he uncovers the impacts of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health and greater community, and explores why leading health organizations continue to promote the industry despite countless medical studies and research showing deleterious effects of these products on our health.

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  • The part about following the money is good, the health advice is questionable by 4

    I was really engaged with this film at the start when it was about the detective work of Kip chasing the money in the non-profit health foundation industry, and I was disappointed when it turned into a vegan puff piece, trying to get us to drink the kool- aid. (For the record I am not anti-vegan, nor do I deny the health and environmental impact of meat consumption.)

    There were several very interesting points posed by the film which I thought could have warranted more attention including the incestuous nature of various health organizations and their sponsors, why it's beneficial for the healthcare industry to keep us sick, and how the meat production industry harms socioeconomic groups that live nearby. These sections are relative short compared to the portion that attempts to convince us that veganism is going to fix everything based on several anecdotes, several biased doctor opinions, and very few scientific references. In fact the studies presented as pro-vegan evidence were probably sponsored by some conflicting entity just like the studies the film dismisses from the pro-meat/dairy side. The film even says that sugar isn't bad for you at all and that it has nothing to do with diabetes. It also claims sugar and carbohydrates don't get converted to fat, and that dietary fat gets converted directly into body fat. That was a red flag for me.

    Anyway, if you're vegetarian, vegan, or looking for more reasons to become vegan you will probably like this film, and you will like it even more if you distrust corporate America and don't like donating to non-profit health organizations.

    If you're not vegan you might like the first half of this movie. Even as a non-vegan it got me thinking about some non-dietary things I'm going to start investigating, so I can't say it was a complete waste of time.

  • Groundbreaking just as Cowspiracy, and some more. by 10

    Last year, near my 18th birthday..I stumbled upon a documentary while researching the ill effects of animal agriculture and environmental destruction, got to watch "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" from the same directors and writers. It changed my life, basically changed the way I lived my life.

    After discovering the big ugly lie that we are told about how the environmental crisis is all and just because of the fossil fuels. It goes on uncovering how the majority of us eat is killing the planet. I went full vegan, right then and there with my family of five. The FACTS were in front of me. Peer- reviewed studies. I highly recommend everybody to watch that.

    Now this one is sort of a sequel to Cowspiracy. Brings us to the next big issue effecting everybody but in a more personal way. HOW YOUR DIET IS KILLING YOU! The best kept secret in medicine is that your body wants to heal itself, if given the right chance and conditions. It was lovely to see all my superheroes in one feature: Dr. Micheal Greger, Caldwell Esselstyn, Neal Bernard and many more. This is a perfect documentary to show to your friends and family and I don't this any sane person would turn away from this and not at the least consider veganism as a way of life.

    As I like to put it, you go vegan for a reason and stay for a hundred.

  • A work of fiction by 1

    This so called documentary is inaccurate and completely distorts healthy eating. This is basically a propaganda used to promote veganism by using fear mongering tactics. If you believe even half the things that was said in this documentary, well, you might be a bit gullible. First of all, this documentary cherry picked numbers from different research articles without even explaining what they are. An increased risk of 18% might sound alarming, but that is actually the relative risk. Good question to ask Kip, do you know what relative risk ratio is? Do you know how to calculate that? I suspect the answer is no. If you cannot interpret an article, please, for the love of God, do not pretend you are an expert. The so called experts that are on the show all seem to have their own agenda to push this veganism down people's throat. Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a vegan. However, you cannot and should not use fear to spread your ideas and beliefs to the public. That's just immoral.

  • Excellent documentary by 10

    Anyone who left a 7* or less rating just isn't getting it, sadly. Or they didn't watch the entire thing, or they love our government. This is not a vegan propaganda. This is entirely about all the crap we don't realize we are eating, and how it kills us, and also how eating a plant based diet is soooooo healthy. I mean come on people. You honestly don't understand how eating a plant based diet is so much better for us? Really?! You think all the animals we kill to eat are so healthy and holy and blessed and make sure that they don't allow any crap into their bodies?! Our world is overpopulated so we need to mass produce the animals. How to do that? Steroids, antibiotics, not caring about how they're raised, not thoroughly and gently treating them all as they need to be treated because we are eating them. I am very saddened at how many negative reviews there are. That's a shame. You think we all get cancer just because? Just for the heck if it? NO. It comes from somewhere you fools. What do we do the most on our lives? Eat. Just sit back and think about it. Y'all are just to ignorant, naive and LAZY to eat a plant based diet. God forbid you do something to make a complete change to your life.

  • Just as Good as Cowspiracy by 10

    I got to see the world premiere in NYC followed by a Q&A with the directors. I found it very captivating. The documentary entertains, shocks, informs, angers and inspires you. If you watch how they try to investigate health organizations and medical facilities, I think you'll be baffled by the frankness with which they refuse to discuss important information regarding saving people's lives. The personal stories in the film give you hope that there is a better way to how we are going about our diet and health care. We can have a better option than just suddenly dying of cancer or heart disease after a few decades of life if the information, such as in this documentary, would be exposed to the public. I hope people will take a look at the significance of diet after watching this. People would not demonize carbs and sugar as much if they would realize what they're calling carbs contains tons of fat. Pizza is not a carb; it is carbs with a bunch of fat from cheese and processed meat and oil. Potatoes get a bad wrap, but people cover them in butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, salt, oil and any other unhealthy food you could think of. The combo of fats and carbs leaves your body unable to handle the carbohydrates as they cannot be absorbed into your cells; that is how diabetes arises. People don't even understand what a true high-carb diet entails: plain potatoes, rice, oats, lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, without adding salt, oil, meat and dairy to all their meals. I hope this film clears that up for people.

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