White Water, Black Gold (2011)

White Water, Black Gold (2011)
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  • Genre: Adventure
  • Release year: 2011 ()
  • Running time: 65 min
  • Original Title: White Water, Black Gold
  • Voted: 24

An investigative point-of-view documentary about David Lavallee's journey down the Athabasca River and across Western Canada in search of answers about the battle between water and oil. Following an imaginary drop of water, and later an imaginary drop of oil, he discovers the threats to the third largest watershed in the world and two separate oceans. White Water, Black Gold is a film about the inextricable link between water and oil in our modern world.

1Wade Davis\N
  • Handpicked science as usual by 1

    Doesn't mention the tar sands are a filthy stinking bog of oily puddle and twisted stunted trees larger than most states. How unhealthy they are naturally to humans and animals. Or that pipelines are by far the safest and cleanest way of transport. Quebec has a major train wreck of oil every five years or so. They also dump millions of raw sewage in the St. Lawrence yearly. A better watch would be The great global warming swindle for actual science. Just another show to keep half price Alberta oil sent directly to America.

1Alan Bibbycinematographer
2John Tuckercomposer
3Nancy Rosenblumeditor