Winter Song (\N)

Winter Song (\N)
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In the spirit of the holiday season, Clio (Ashanti) befriends Fred (Stan Shaw), a former musician down on his luck, and welcomes him into her shop to perform for the customers. Besides their love of performing, Clio and Fred also have their share of family struggles in common. For Clio, she must grapple with the death of her father and whether she wants to have children. For Fred, a reunion with his daughter Mia (Sashani Nichole) is just what he needs to give him hope in his life. Together with the power of music, the two find the strength to overcome their hardships.

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  • Ashanti by 9

    This is a fairly unusual story among the usual Lifetime and Hallmark stories this time of year. For one thing it isn't a romance. It is a story of trying to bring family together.

    Along the way we get to hear Stan Shaw sing a lot of Christmas songs and one non-traditional song, which may be original.

    There are some heartwarming moments, but for me the main attraction was Ashanti singing and I'm not otherwise that familiar with her work.

  • Oh my emotions!!! where is the TISSUE BOX?! by 10

    I'm truly at a loss for words. This is Lifetimes BEST Christmas movie theyve done so far this season out of the 28 movies premiering this season. This movie gives you so many different emotions. Sadness, grieving, forgiveness, happiness, your heart exploding from sweet acts of kindness and love for one another. Ashanti loses her dad a year prior & meets a special someone Fred. You will see in the movie a relationship being built between Ashanti & this Fred character and it's so incredibly beautiful and the most heart warming thing I have EVER seen. I cant say more without giving anything away which I wont do & everyone can watch for themselves but I will say this wasnt a traditional Christmas movie. No one fell in love Ashanti already has a boyfriend & is in love in the movie & it's really sweet but this movie was truly about really hard things people go through all the time which you'll see in the movie and it shined light on those harder things people deal with and the story and everything came together so beautifully and taught you the true meaning of Christmas and the highest form of loving friendship and kindness to others. Seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a really long time. 10/10 no questions asked! Ashanti did a BEYOND incredible job! Lifetime please bring her back and put her in more of your movies as a lead! I'd LOVE to see her in more! Oh but if you're going to watch this movie I swear you are going to need a whole box of tissues. It's going to touch your heart and give you all the emotional feels you could ever imagine and it's a different kind of christmas movie rather than boy meets girl and they fall in love. We DO love those movies 1000% and that's what we love most about Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies we love them even tho their plots are relatively all the same but this one was different and focused more on all different relationships between all different kinds of people. It truly was a masterpiece. Lifetime knocked it out of the park with this one! You can actually buy the digital copies on amazon prime video and the app Vudu which I have of 90% of the movies that have premiered this year on Lifetime. Merry liddle Christmas, staging christmas, you light up my Christmas, random acts of Christmas, twinkle all the way, my christmas wish & a very vintage christmas are all on both of those apps & I bought all the ones I just listed and quite a few others are on there too that have premiered this year for 3.99 for the SD digital copy of the movie or 4.99 for the HDX digital copy of the movie and then you have that digital copy on either of those apps to own and watch forever so I'm crossing my fingers that this movie will be put on those apps too just like all the other ones were because its beyond worth every penny! I highly recommend this movie to EVERYONE! a different kind of christmas movie there was romantic love in it but like I said it focused on other forms of love & relationships and each part added more good emotions to it. Best of 2019!! That made my whole morning after watching it and I don't think I've ever cried that much in a movie in a long time. I truly related to some of the stories in the movie that happened in my life and because it was a beautiful movie. Big kudos to Lifetime!!!

  • Heartwarming and sweet by 9

    This was one of my favorites, heartwarming and sweet. Great vocals and characters.

  • Wonderful surprise by 9

    This is what a Christmas movie should be. No making cookies or decorating the tree. But a story with warmth and love.

  • Heartfelt and Entertaining by 10

    I really was moved by this movie. Maybe because I wish I had a better relationship with my dad. I cried on certain parts. It was beautifully done!

1Eduardo Fierrocinematographer
2Michael Reolacomposer
3Camille Browndirector
4Danny Rothproducer
5Megan Balthazorproduction_designer
6Melissa Bustamantewriter