Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (2007)

Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (2007)
  • 1087
  • G
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2007 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: Winx Club: Il segreto del Regno Perduto
  • Voted: 1087

At Alfea College, Stella, Aisha, Flora, Musa, and Tecna all graduate and become fairy guardians of their home planets. But, Bloom must watch graduation from the sidelines. The Winx try to save Bloom's parents and the planet.

1Molly C. QuinnBloom
2Amy GrossStella
3Matt ShivelyPrince Sky
4Romi DamesMusa
5Keke PalmerAisha
6Alejandra ReynosoFlora
7Morgan DeckerTecna
  • Possible reasons for lower ratings and things that make it unique by 9

    The secret the lost kingdom has become on of my favorite movies. The point of it was to tie up lose ends from the show but leave room for it to expand; in my opinion, they did an excellent job. While the fans being unused to the cgi graphics , the people who do not watch the show's lack of character background and plot understanding, and the dubs which cut parts and change lines, or aim it for a younger audience have caused this movie to be rated lower, but I believe that if you keep an opened mind and watch the original Italian version with subs this movie is great. This movie along with the show are unique you have real friendship really being shown, relationship trouble, actual violence but leaving out the blood and gore, and having balance of the fantasy with the modern twist. While critics dislike the movie because of an over emphasized version of beauty we have today in these characters they fail to realize they are cgi versions of cartoon characters, so in other words THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DETAILED AND LOOK REALISTIC! In cartoons the artists like exaggerate features creating a cartoon look, and if in the movie they looked completely different, the show's fans, which is the major fan base, would not recognize the characters and most likely bring even more hate to the movie. Also critics mention some of the beauty references which in most cases are Stella's lines. Stella is a play off the stereotype of "a dumb blond" but one of the shows purposes was that she is obsessed with shopping and fashion while still being a funny loyal and smart friend.

  • A great movie that completes the story with the first three series by 8

    I think the people who gave this movie a low rating, probably have never seen any series of it.

    I loved Winx club so much when I was a kid, I had seen all episodes (of the first three series) a few more times and when I saw their first movie in theaters, I found it a perfect sequel of the third series and it was a great and magical adventure and here are the reasons why:

    • Bloom is searching for her biological parents (king Oritel and queen Marion of Domino). In the first series, she discovered she was adopted and where she really came from, in the second series, she wanted to know more about them, and in the third series, she discovered who them has captured. Now in this movie, Bloom tries to find them!

    • The beginning is exciting. It starts with an action scene in a dark castle.

    • Flora, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Layla are graduated at Alfea.

    • It has a perfect mix of humor and drama.

  • Gorgeous! by 9

    Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom is breathtaking! The animation is drawn to perfection while adding little intricate details. Many things shocked me: the story was genuinely great, the voice acting was fantastic, the music was catchy, and the romance was adorable! I enjoyed getting to see Musa and Riven. Even Sky and Bloom were very sweet. Of course the other couples were cute, too! Also, the action was intense! It was over the top and I loved it!I was pleasantly surprised with this adaption of Winx! Even though it's been years, I hope they will make more soon!

  • Good movie by 8

    It compliments the series well and tbh it is a good movie.

1Iginio Straffidirector
2Joanne Leeproducer
3Sean Molyneauxwriter