Wobble Palace (2018)

Wobble Palace (2018)
  • 167
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 86 min
  • Original Title: Wobble Palace
  • Voted: 167

A couple on the verge of a nervous break-up decide to split their home over the weekend and test the waters of independence.

  • A millennial movie! by 9

    It's about a millennial couple in 2016 who have an open relationship. It just does a really great job at capturing our generation and that lifestyle. The characters are quirky but very real and sometimes relatable, especially from the perspective of someone who lives in Asheville. It's very stylistic but a style that's becoming a new mainstream. I really like the way the film incorporated technology. It does a great job at capturing the times we live in with technology that I think a lot of movies try to ignore or when they do comment on it, it feels unnatural. The characters struggle with things our generation can find relatable. Like struggling with labels. Wanting to be artistic, but then not wanting to be basic like those artistic people, when everything about this character is basic artistic and she does nothing to aid this cognitive dissonance. It's really funny but also kinda sad. All in all I really enjoyed it and I think it deserves more attention.

  • 1st movie I watched at the 42nd S?o Paulo International Film Festival. by 9

    "Wobble Palace" is a great dramedy that uses millenial culture to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of modern relationships and how we deal with loneliness in the modern world.The movie's couple is unsatisfied with the state of their relationship, so they are always trying to find refuge by going out or trying to connect with other people instead of just finishing their love ties. But they can't, because their fond memories hold them back and they don't know where to go next.There is a line in the film that says that "Two betta fishes in the same bowl will start to fight each other, and one of them is going to die". This basically sums up most of the movie (even if in a much expository manner).The realistic characters and dialogue ooze out of the screen, but the, sometimes, inconsistent style and the vaguely political message end up hurting the overall experience a little bit.

  • Worst intro ever. by 4

    First impressions are important. This movie has a terrible one.

  • Quirky and Fun Loving! by 6

    Quirky, fun loving look at relationships in today's world.

  • Meandering for meaning by 7

    Struggling for meaning in the modern world of app dating, phone obsession and narcissism. While some may see it as a 'Millennial' movie, it's really a mirror to where we are all at, in the dating/relationship world. And it ain't pretty.

    Labels, apps, quizes, emojis, quirks, buzz phrases, hip speak (like any other generation of youth) and ultimately how superficial it all is. And transitory. Soon it'll all be replaced with the next generation, and it, and we, will be passe. We're floundering in the dark, pretending to be edgy and happy and 'happening,' when all we're doing is searching for acceptance, love, passion and some meaning in this unstable, 'Wobble Palace' of modern society.

    It's a unique approach, working really well with, and because of, its limited budget. This is what makes certain indie films so appealing.

    I enjoyed the style and I think you will too if you can get past the somewhat annoying, meandering natures of its self absorbed characters. To be fair, they know they're self absorbed. 'Isn't it all about us?'

    I wish Eugene, Dasha and all involved, success for the future.

1Sean Price Williamscinematographer
2Eugene Kotlyarenkodirector
3Claire Bargoutproducer
4A.J. Del Cuetoproducer
5Andrew Faulknerproducer
6Drew Fosterproducer