Wushu Warrior (2011)

Wushu Warrior (2011)
  • 409
  • PG-13
  • Genre: Action
  • Release year: 2011 ()
  • Running time: 85 min
  • Original Title: Wushu Warrior
  • Voted: 409

China, 1862: Lord Lindsey rules the opium trade and enslaves the innocent. The only hope for the oppressed nation is a covert group of trained Wushu Warriors - The Red Lotus Society - who will fight to restore justice to its people.

1Matt FrewerLord Edward Lindsey
2Tod FennellJonathan Elders
3Amber GoldfarbPriscilla Lindsey
4Gang ZhaoUncle Pei
  • Entirely boring, cable TV quality martial arts film by 3

    It seems that the way to go for Alain Desrochers is to direct the most cliché-ridden scripts available to him.

    His take on "The Fast and The Furious" was the forgettable "Nitro". Now, he goes "Crouching Tiger/Onk-Bak" with this boring martial arts adventure, even more forgettable.

    This tale of revenge, while well shot, will make you lose interest once you see Matt Frewer as the bad guy, delivering the kind of dialogue a 10 year old kid uses when playing with his action figures.

    The combat scenes are as best as they can afford, meaning they're pretty lame. Everybody fights kinda slowly, going through the steps of the choreography like grade schoolgirls doing an unrehearsed Swan Lake.

    Sure, today's technology allows the post production team to easily erase the wires during the less than spectacular acrobatics, but you can still feel those wires supporting the fighters in many of the confrontations. Embarrassing.

    Other digital effects are on par with today's video games. Not tody's movies.

    Yeah, I realize I don't spend a lot of time talking about the plot: it's just not worth my time. Nor yours.

    You'd be better off seeing a Uwe Boll film if you want to be entertained: at least, he's decent at sucking and his movies are laughable. Alain Desrocher's Wushu Warrior won't event make you laugh at it. It's just a boring, unremarkable waste of your time.

  • Should have read the above review by 1

    Worst movie ever. From unrealistic plot to bad acting to limping with the wrong leg. hands down the worst, cheesiest movie I have ever seen. It looks like it was directed by 10 year olds. the acting is horrible. Shall I go on? Their use of cheesy wires to glide around.

    Another perplexing occurrence, half the actors are speaking Chinese dubbed to English, but the other actors are responding in English. What is the reason for this? They are speaking two different languages. I could see this in some 1970s martial arts movie when none of the Asian actors spoke English, but this movie is freakin 2010! WTF!? They couldn't find Asian people who spoke English? Come on... Such a bad movie...

    It was on and I was in the mood for a martial arts flick but seriously... just say no

  • This would have made sense in 1980, it's unacceptable for 2008. by 2

    I was relaxing at home at midnight with a plate of take-out and a beer. I figured that this was a great time for a turn off your brain movie, so I started flipping through the wasteland.

    I landed upon a 12:05am showing of Wushu Warrior on The Movie Channel. I figured this would be great. Cheesy kung-fu movies and beer are a winning combination. Unfortunately, what I got was a cheesy kung-fu movie that took itself way too seriously.

    If ever there was a movie that should realize that it didn't have the budget, fight choreography, acting talent, writing and post production work needed to take itself seriously, it should be this one. I mean, in the opening "I want to learn your ways" bit a guy teleports, and then tells the main character that there's a dragon inside everyone.

    The movie's big fight sequence is literally about 60 seconds long, apparently both because there wasn't anyone on the film that could fight convincingly and because the screenwriter thought his plot was freaking amazing. The story's hackily-written cliché upon cliché, and when it isn't being poorly dubbed in English, it's being delivered with all the ability of a elementary school performance.

    Bottom line, this isn't even worth killing time at midnight, and the laughs from the poor production can't justify wasting your time on this. Much sadness.

  • It lacks the polishing but its a good core... by 7

    OK, for the starter, let me say an entertaining movie from me always get a 7, a good enjoyable movie a 8 and so on. If i go from 6 and down, its because the movie really suck or that i want to turn it off cause I'm bored.

    Personally i was thinking trough the whole movie what was its real identity and thats where it probably fail for a lot of people when personally i still can enjoy it. Thing is, you start looking at this movie like an epic story, then it become way more of a vengeance "train me master please so i can kick the bad guy ass" to try to go back to the epic trail.

    Problem is, its neither of them. The fighting is not enough present, not carrying the movie if i can say, its more like there is a couple scene here and there. Then as for the story, its a little bit cliché like some said, it lack the polishing feel of a movie like Red Cliff for example.

    But then at the same time, i didn't watch the clock, i was interested in following the story enough to stay in front of the TV, so i was ENTERTAINED, which is as far as many movies will go. Rarely a "Dark Knight" will pop and make you watch it every day during 2 weeks without getting bored.

    I must had that I'm not a fan of hidden dragon crouching tiger, I'm not a fan of Chinese martial arts movie where the characters are obviously wired and fly over the screen. Here there is a few supernatural scene, but nothing that can be annoying. Like Dragon Tiger Gate, it pass with the rest of the movie without making you think "its so stupid" So yeah basically don't watch it as a pop corn beer time kung fu movie, don't watch it as an epic masterpiece, but just watch it as a cool little movie and thats it. I would recommend it to teen as well so you could see it with your family.

  • Good Kung Fu Flick by 7

    Watch this movie for what it is. A GUY MOVIE. It's simply a good kung fu flick. No horribly mushy love story, no long drawn out character development, no silly twists for the director to show how much better he thinks he is than the rest of the world, and no "indy" or "emo" blood letting or soul searching. There's even a valid historical reason for the Chinese to speak English.

    The gunfire is underwhelming, while the "sorcery" and super-natural effects are very well done. It feels organic and an extension of the warrior spirit. Not sure if it was intentional, but this has the feel of "there still lies power in the old ways." Not over-the-top, for the most part. The final fight scene is a bit of a stretch though. The few "wire-fu" moments aren't over-ambitious, and serve to show growth in the art, rather than feeling like an excuse to show off (as in Crouching Tiger and the like).

    If you're a martial artist, this film leans ever so slightly to the spiritual side of the art. Just enjoy it and try not to dwell on any inaccuracies. The protagonist is orphaned, taken in by a wushu master and his village, and through the years learns the secrets. He finds strength, and learns control. It struck a chord with me, as I'm sure it will with other who take their training seriously.

1FM Le Sieurcomposer
2Alain Desrochersdirector
3Suzanne Girardproducer
4Ping Jiangproducer
5Allen Hatcherwriter
6Cecil Artowriter