X (2018)

X (2018)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2018 ()
  • Running time: 130 min
  • Original Title: X
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No fantasy is too obscene at the masquerade balls hosted by Christian King, known to her guests as X. The monthly masked debauchery that takes place at her beach side estate is all fun and games until the arrival of an unexpected guest from Christian's past threatens to bring to light her darkest secret: she is a voyeur who keeps a hidden camera in the guest bathroom.

1Hope RaymondChristian
2Eliza BoivinStella
3Brian SmickDanny
4Zachary CowanJackson
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    Scott J. Ramsey is the director, co-writer, and editor of "X". The story is reminiscent of the secret society depicted in Eyes Wide Shut. It's focus is on three people who come to escape and explore there secret desires.The three characters Stella (Eliza Boivin), Christian (Hope Raymond) and Danny (Brian Smick)are exposed and explored through out there visits to the club.The whole purpose of this club called The Foundation, is your actions will be kept secret. It's a place where anything and everything goes. You hide behind a mask and become someone else. Believing when you leave those memories and actions are kept secret. But that's the problem with a secret, everyone knows there hard to keep. Especially deep dark secrets.

    We are met with Stella (Eliza Boivin)in the opening. She looks unsure and out of place. She gets in with her mask and password and indulges and mingles with very colorful characters.Once we're in we meet Christian (Hope Raymond) she is basically the host and is slowly taking over the family business passed on by her slowly declining mother Lynda (Valerie Fachman). Lynda was in the past a pop star, but mentally she can't partake in her so called charity club.

    So Christian is aboard the night of sex parties and all there fetishes and perversions imaginable. But will Christian partake or is her fetish something that can't be shared only explored among herself. Being surrounded by orgies and other sexual activities, in what is a playground for experimental adults. What can this secret be.Now Danny (Brian Smick) is also on board to tempt and aggravate Christian. Danny is Christian partner in this club and is the one who has invited the awkward Stella. They all went to school together and he wants Stella to seduce Christian. It's a forced deal that is put upon Stella. Danny has dirt on Stella about her being a cam girl and threatens to tell her boyfriend Jackson (Zachary Cowan). Jackson thinks Stella has webcam classes they she teaches.Things really get complicated with the feeling and relations these three have keptTo themselves throughout the years. With crushes, secrets and jealousy.Danny is the most open and colorfulCharacter and is a joy in all his scenes. He is just a fun loving sex maniac. Danny is Christians secret sex toy and wholeGoal in life who to have as much sex with as many people as he can and anything goes. Danny's performance is a standout and so enjoyable. The whole cast is amazing and perform brilliantly. A lot of care was taking in costumes, set, lighting and beautiful cinematography all under the careful eye of Scott.Overall this movie is very dark and imaginative. I cant stop the praise for this team. It's excellently scripted and shot. The camera is in the action all the time and explores the perversions and stories of all involved. As a freshman intro in direction Scott J. Ramsey hits a homerun. This has to be one of the most original thriller of the year so far, with a kick ass soundtrack.Director: Scott J. RamseyCinematography: Chantel BeamScreenplay: Hannah Katherine Jost, Scott J. RamseyProducers: Alex De Nicolo, Kevin De Nicolo, Hannah Katherine Jost, Scott J. Ramsey, Amber TianaMusic composed by: Kevin De Nicolo, Lien Do

    Cast: Eliza Boivin, Vicky Lopez, Valerie Fachman, Hope Raymond, Zachary Cowan, and Brian Smick

1Lien Docomposer
2Scott J. Ramseydirector
3Alex De Nicoloproducer
4Kevin De Nicoloproducer
5Amber Tianaproducer
6Hannah Katherine Jostwriter