YouthMin (2017)

YouthMin (2017)
  • 78
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release year: 2017 ()
  • Running time: 79 min
  • Original Title: YouthMin
  • Voted: 78

Youth Pastor David Bauer has the "greatest job in the world" and can't wait to bring his youth group to Bible Camp. He's positive that this is the year he wins the camp competitions. But David's plans are derailed by the sudden arrival of a new co-worker, an equally competitive church, and surly teenage rebellion.

1Luke DeardorffThomas
2Amelia HaasRuth
3Tori HinesRachel
4Brett JohnsonMr. Chris
  • A headache and a wate of time. by 1

    I wasted my internet data to download this "mocumentary" which is not at all a mokumentary. Don't waste your time.

  • A satire with heart! by 10

    Comedies these days either lean too hard into negative or saccharine, especially when trying to "mock" or "satire". Youthmin walks the fine line right down the center by poking fun at its subject while at the same time giving a wholesome, heartfelt look at the people who attend / dedicate their lives to the oddity that is Youth Ministry.

    Far from preachy, but also not a condemnation. Youthmin is honest and uplifting. It has easily become one of my favorite films, independent or otherwise.

    Pharaoh, Pharaoh!

  • hilarious mockumentary! by 8

    Has a similar style to "spinal tap" or "best in show" except it is about a church youth group LOL.

  • Takes me back to Summer Camp by 9

    If you grew up going to youth group or summer camp, this movie is for you. At its best, it's like watching Michael Scott; at its worst, it's like watching Michael Scott-funny, heart-felt, and hard to watch.

  • My Childhood on Screen !! by 10

    Serious feels watching this film! Right from the start I was brought back to middle school, being dropped off by mom and being forced into youth group. This movie captured so many moments that relate to standouts from years of time with awkward teens, and overindulging "leaders" ie. Kids as adults helping kids... 10 out of 10 hilarious and a perfect satire of fun!

1Andrew Hansencinematographer
2Arielle Ciminodirector
3Jeff Ryandirector
4Amber Primmproduction_designer
5Christopher O'Connellwriter