Zero Bridge (2008)

Zero Bridge (2008)
  • 107
  • Not Rated
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 2008 ()
  • Running time: 96 min
  • Original Title: Zero Bridge
  • Voted: 107

A chance encounter between a teen pickpocket and one of his victims changes his plans to escape his dreary life.

1Mohamad Imran TapaDilawar
2Taniya KhanBani
3Ali Mohammad DarUncle Ali
4Fahad BandayCricket Boy
  • beautiful friendship story delicately realized by 8

    My husband and I was very moved by what we saw at the Biennale and by the intelligence of how the camera was moving. It was like we were there already, in the landscape. The camera was completely transparent, no artificiality or melodrama. This beautiful friendship story was so delicately realized in the direction of the actors and the camera and the music that my husband and I were both in tears and in shock at the end. Especially the last shot!! There is nothing to manipulate the viewer's feelings, but the feelings come anyway, very slowly, they creep up on you. You feel so much for the characters but you are not asked to pity them. You feel so much compassion instead.

  • A brilliantly crafted story. by 9

    I was a bit skeptical about this film as I had never seen a movie entirely shot in Kashmir.Although I am a Kashmiri I never liked the kind of films which are made by Bollywood in Kashmir as they always try to show things which don't exist in reality and never try to be honest.They always try to twist the truth for their own benefit.But after watching Zero Bridge I was astonished and I really liked the movie for portraying a closer to reality version of Kashmir.The shots taken at Dal Lake portray the beauty of Kashmir in a really delightful manner.The story was simple and the performances were excellent.I have given it 9/10 for being an excellent Kashmiri film.

1Tariq Tapadirector
2Josée Lajoieproducer
3Hilal Ahmed Langooproducer